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Apr 18, 2007 12:54 PM

macaroni and cheese big time competition

Family macaroni and cheese championships coming up. Any tips, tricks or secrets you'd like to share? Greatly appreciated.

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  1. You'll find a chorus of Chowhounders talking about great mac 'n' cheese here:

      1. re: flipkeat

        that looked outstanding will have to give it a try

      2. Make sure you include Gruyere cheese and some parmesan cheese, a little dry mustard and some cayenne pepper.

        1. topping: fresh wheatberry bread crumbs strean on top of parmesan topping. Nice texture contradt. use fresh wholewheat crumbs, never "dried, seasoned" in the shaker can.

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          1. re: toodie jane

            I like mine with a bite, so I include a little bit of gorgonzola and both dijon mustard and worcestershire sauce.

            1. re: Megiac

              Just made mac and cheese the other day and added good quality horseradish for the first time. It made for a very tasty dish.

          2. I like this Paula Deen recipe. I add lots of bacon. Glorious.