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Apr 18, 2007 12:54 PM

Midwest Grill vs. Green Field: Which is the best Churrascaria?

This is actually a question I have been trying to get answered for ages. If you have been to both (I've only been to Midwest Grill), can you honestly answer the following:
1. Leaving price out of the discussion, how do the meats compare in terms of quality, flavor, and tenderness (i.e. is one more fatty, overly salted, and dry versus the other)?
2. Leaving selection out of the discussion, how do the sides compare in terms of quality, flavor, and preparation (i.e. who cares if there are 20% more or less dishes if those dishes are poorly made)?
3. Is the price difference for dinner ( $18 versus $23 last time I checked) worth it?

I have heard a lot of people claim Green Field is better because it is cheaper and has more stuff, but when I get them talking, they start to complain about the meat quality and can't think of any side that stands out are really good. I'm in Cambridge, so I don't want to treck to Allston to save $5 if the food isn't that different / better.

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  1. I've been to both. Midwest is better for both 1 and 2 above, and the trip to Green Field is certainly not worth it to save $5.
    Green Field has Sushi. Why is that?

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      lots of churrascarias in brazil serve sushi as part of the buffet selection. totally normal! how is the sushi at green field?

      i've been to midwest grill only once, but was disappointed in the quality of both the meat and the sides. (for the same price, i'd go for a steak at aquitaine!)

    2. I love, love, love churrascarias. I live about four blocks from Green Field. I've been once. That pretty much says it all. I really can't recommend it.

      1. I've been to both - Midwest on a busy night and Green Field on a quiet night. I thought the meat at Midwest was really salty compared to Green Field, and I thought the quality of the meat to be about the same at both. As for the sides, the quality of Midwest slightly edged out Green Field. It was fresher (perhaps because of high turnover?). Their collard greens were some of the best I'd had - go figure. Green Field's sides were okay, me it's a toss up, and I'd go w/whichever was closer to me.

        1. I've been to Midwest Grill, not to Green Field but to a couple in Lowell Ma and no joke, if you are heading north through Manchester NH - I love Goucho's the best!! It's on Lowell St. across from Red Arrow Diner - It's really awesome - much more selections then any places I've been (even salmon cart), an excellent salad/side bar, and side dishes to share at the table, entertainment on certain nights and not dry salty as I've had in others. Nice ambiance too, white table clothes, not cramped, very comfortable, not loud. I know this comment belongs on New England but wanted to comment since I've been to Midwest & in case you're traveling north and love churrascaria like I do. Shouldn't miss it.

          1. 1. Midwest Grill is better for meat quality, salty but in a good way. Having said that, I still think it jumped the shark about 6 years ago. Since then, quality has gone down while prices have gone up.
            2. Sides are about the same.
            3. I'd rather pay an extra $5 and go to Midwest for the difference in quality, but note that the free parking lot at Green Field could mean more savings. Unfortunately, at either place, you're paying for variety, quantity and spectacle more than the quality of the food.