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Apr 18, 2007 12:45 PM

Agar Agar-need some help

I just bought a packet of agar agar (flakes). What do I do with them?

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    1. I seem to remember also that agar is a crisper gel when you bite into it, compared to, say, jello.

      1. there are dessert dishes in some asian cuisines where they make it like jello, and then cut it up into squares and put it in asian style fruit salad (with lychees and jackfruit), or in tapioca drinks.... i like the almond flavor agar agar.... it's a great spring/summer type of dish...

        1. The foodsubs link above is a godd description of how to prepare it. You have to bring to a boil to get it to set up.

          I use this when vegitarian friends dine with me and I'm preparing something that would require gelatin. For example, I use this with vegetable terrines. I would caution you that agar agar is a stiffer gel than gelatin so I usually use a bit less in terrines and such.