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Apr 18, 2007 12:45 PM

Okinawan in Honolulu

I have came across 2 Okinawan restaurants : Sunrise and Utaga.

Can anyone provide me with some advice / opinions on the above and or additional Okinawan restaurants.

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  1. I have eaten at Sunrise several times and enjoyed it very much. Homestyle cooking is how I would describe the food. The Okinawan soba with pork spareribs were delicious, a very simple dish however, if you are not familiar with Okinawan food. The goya was also very nicely done, as was the oxtail soup. They serve sushi here, but I thought it was just ok, again more homestyle rather than sushi bar quality.

    It's BYOB and reservations are a must as it is a very small restaurant with a repeat clientle.

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      I've been to Sunrise once and thought it was good. It's a very friendly place. I'd like to try Utaga on my next trip. The ono kine grindz blog has reviews, with pictures, of both:

      Zippy's was founded by Okinawans, but that's probably not what you mean! The food dept. in Shirokiya at Ala Moana makes fresh andagi daily. If you want to have an Okinawa-influenced meal, have Tulip (the brand of processed pork luncheon meat preferred there over Spam) and eggs w/rice for breakfast at Kaka'ako Kitchen.

      Also, unlikely, but if you happen to be in Honolulu over Labor Day Weekend, they have an annual Okinawa festival with lots of prepared food, and lots of imported packaged Okinawan foods for sale: