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Bring back the Hungry Detective

I really like Chris Cognac on this show. I saw that he was doing a show on Chicago next month and so am I (going to Chicago that is). I checked the Food Network and saw that the only time the show is on is Friday, Mayy 11th at 10:30am. What the heck? He was on prime time and he should be on prime time. And not to "bash" but why don't they replace the Ace of Cakes with the Hungry Detective? Actually, why don't they replace the Ace of Cakes with anything!!

Nancy in St. Paul

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  1. That made me smile! Thanks!...it was a lot of fun to do! I love Chicago and am thinking of checking out a Bears game this year...and getting more Hot Dougs Dogs....man they were good!

    1. The food network should change its name to the cake network - because that is all they seem to show these days.

      1. It's all about ratings and advertisers, whether or not FoodTV produces more episodes of the Hungry Detective. It couldn't hurt for you or anyone else to contact FoodTV and make your desire known, but that is probably a long shot.

        Too bad, because Chris Cognac is a real chowhoundish person, not some contrived media personality. But maybe its for the best if they don't pick up his show, and he can remain being a real person, and still do his day job, as one of the good guys.

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          I wanted to contact the Food Channel, but I could not find anywhere online to contact. Any ideas? Anybody?

          And a question for Chris: What have you tried at Hot Doug's? Did you get to taste the fries cooked in duck fat? I can't wait until I get to try this place next month!

          Nancy in St. Paul

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            I think you can e mail FN via the web site...I think there is a feedback section. Hot Dougs...the fries are fantastic and I had a few dogs...the antelope was interesting, Hot Doug is one creative dude....good prices as well...nothing I tasting in Chi town came close to the stuff at Hot Dougs...

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              Please take any further discussion about the chow in Chicago to the Chicago board.


          2. anyone find out why the show was canceled?

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              The host had intelligence, a good personality, was classy, and was not overly hyper...everything FN does not want in a host.

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                Yes Chris, we like you. We really really like you.

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                  Thanks....we do have about 6-9 segments that never aired...I would really like to get them edited and at least put on the FN web site or made into a little "missing evidence" special....one place is Bowen Island in SC...it was great, but the place burned down after we filmed (its been rebuilt and Bourdain filmed there) and we also did Sarcones in Philly....that place was good! I would love to do more....but thats life I guess.....our ratings were ok and we beat the show that aired ahead of us a several occasions....

                  1. re: ccognac

                    I am yet another who thoroughly enjoyed "The Hungry Detective". I hope there is some way to get those shows aired somehow or another. I lived in and around NYC for years and never ONCE heard of the BBQ joint, Dinosaur BBQ. It's amazing, what a find.

                    Good luck in your future out of the way finds!

            2. I love the Ace of Cakes! I also loved the Hungry Detective, and would love to see it back. There are several other shows on FN I do without.

              1. i actually catch it with my tivo when it shows on food network, and the food always looks fantastic and interesting. i agree cognac is a great host--i actually remember watching feasting on asphalt and taking note of how affable he seemed. i actually think the show would do much better if it weren't competing with several other "travel" shows that, frankly, are less interesting and rely on faces food network overuses. i understand rachel ray is popular, but there is such a thing as overexposure.

                anyway chris, definitely a fan of the show, and wish it would come back. it would fit in really well on travel channel, now that i think about it.

                1. It was so refreshing to see someone who came across as real and sincere. I miss that alot w/TVFN lately. Substance over Forced Spaziness

                  1. I just think it is so cool that the Hungry Detective posts here! I enjoyed his appearance on the first Feasting on Asphalt. Not surprised that he was given a show, but also not surprised that the show hasn't been put into the regular lineup. After all, though he has a nice smile, his cleavage is lacking.

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                      Chris, looks like you got your marching order. Would a bullet proof vest fit over a man-bra and cleavage?

                      1. re: Phaedrus

                        and don't forget the v-neck shirts.....

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                          You guys are too funny...I have lost 30 of my Hungry Detective lbs and am down to a B cup...I will try to see if we can get the missing show segments up someplace....I think FN.com would be good for that...but it all comes down to $ for editing them....Bob Tuschman is a good guy and I know liked the show so maybe I can get him to agree to let us put together a webisode of the unseen footage (the Bowen Island stuff is great)....I am proud of the fact that its still playing on FN now....I always tried to be the real deal and I think I stayed true to that..what you see is what you get...I met a lot of folks during the shoots and it was great, I still enjoy getting e mails from new fans that are seeing it for the first time....and I still give rec's to folks looking for great places to eat.....I think that was the whole idea of the show in the first place....I guess people can e mail and ask FN if the show will come out on DVD with the bonus footage...that would be cool!...Heck, even I have not see that stuff...and as far as Feasting on Asphalt....what a great time...Jean Claude came out on patrol with me a few weeks ago and gave me the photo of Alton and I eating the giant burger ....man that was good!

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                            Thanks for the post Chris. you are- were our favorite show on FN. It would be great to see more. Seeing you on Feasting on Asphalt was also quite a treat.

                            1. re: chazmo

                              indeed. his feasting on asphalt bit was one of the best parts of the show.

                              hey, chris! you should join alton for feasting on waves, presuming it hasn't been filmed yet.

                              1. re: beelzebozo

                                He is shooting it now....I wanted to go, but it didnt work out.....maybe next trip!

                    2. Add me to the list that thinks Chris Cognac, a/k/a The Hungry Detective, should return to television.

                      This guy is a natural. As others have noted, he has intelligence and a really nice personality, making him a pleasure to watch.

                      A second helping...puhhhleeeeze!

                      1. It will be tougher now to bring back the HD since he got that Promotion at his Real Job.
                        Congratulations (and condolences) Chris!

                        Took off 30 pounds - yikes, now I'm looking like the 'before' picture :-\.

                        Link to recent appearance on Amnesia (watch Night 4):
                        Yes, there is food related content on the show.

                        I'm thinking a guest spot on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives would be a great fit.
                        Mebbe that spiky haired guy could have an unfortunate accident, know what I'm sayin'...

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                        1. re: DiveFan

                          Sounds intriguing, I'll help....with the unfortunate accident part.

                          1. re: DiveFan

                            I can pretty much tell you that would never happen....at least the guest spot part of it. I am now a patrol Sgt working weekend night shift..back in the grinder and let me tell you, things are getting more and more violent out there....Amne$ia was fun and hard as heck...but I pulled that burrito question out nicely!

                            1. re: ccognac

                              Hey Chris!

                              Is your contract up with FN? Why don't you see about following the rest of the FN refugees who have fled to Fine Living Network? They seem to have better management anyway.

                              I continue to get a chuckle out of the types who post "he missed (fill in favorite eatery)" so the show can't be any good. Jeez! Get real folks. It's just finding some interesting places to get something good to eat (and I don't mean big chains).

                              All the best!

                              1. re: ccognac

                                Ronin, in case you didn't know FLN is owned by the Same Corporation as FN. The owners are just recycling content they already own on a different outlet targeted at a different demographic.
                                I'm pretty sure Chris' deal was for the HD series only. I don't think it's available on DVD.