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Apr 18, 2007 12:24 PM


A new place just opened in the Burnet / Duval area called Gabbi's Burgers n Dogs ( it's in that little shopping area where Gracy Farms runs into Burnet/Mopac - same place as Mangia's and Taco Deli ). I'm betting MPH hasn't been here yet - since it opened just this week. The name of the place pretty much sums up the menu, burgers and dogs, although they do have a salad option and something called a fried pizza. This is strictly a lunch spot - open Monday - Sat, 11 - 3.

Swung in today and grabbed a hamburger to go. The price for all the burgers and dogs is $6.95, that includes your choice of fries, onion rings, or a salad.

I got the standard burger with onion rings. Not too bad at all. The style of the burger reminds me of Phil's on Burnet - about the same size, with the large, square soft bun and generous portions. The burger was cooked to medium-well, but wasn't dried out and had a slightly sweet bbq sauce on it. Included were substantial (but not too thick) slices of tomatoes - which were actually red (not slightly pink), romaine lettuce and dill pickles. All in all, a really good burger (note: I have not tried Casino El Camino).

The onion rings were really good. They're the standard beer batter style rings, cut to the right thickness (not too thick), weren't over breaded, and despite the fact I got them to go were still quite crisp. Plus, there was a lot of them.

Which brings me to the another point. As mentioned above, the portions on everything were generous. It's a decent sized burger, and the patty isn't swallowed by the bun, and there were more onion rings than I could eat. For $6.95, it was a lot of food. I saw them bring the salad to the table and it was pretty big.

I talked to a couple of other people eating there, and they both really liked the food. Chatted with the owner (Jeff) for a few moments - he's owned a catering business for about 10 years. He decided to base his catering operations at this new place and open a small lunch spot as part of the business (restaurant out the front, catering out the back).

I'll swing by again next week and try one of the dogs and report back.

Like I said, haven't been to Casino el Camino, but for those people who work in the Burnet / Duval area, first impressions are this looks to be a pretty good lunch option.

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  1. Nice find, Ken W! Thanks for the report. I'll plan to try Gabbi's burger and onion rings the next time I'm in that area.


    1. I lot of people work in that area so this is good to know they are open. The bakery before it wasn't so hot. Thanks, Ken. Hope the burger is better than the one at Phils, I remember being very unimpressed the one time I went there months ago.

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      1. re: Carter B.

        I got a chance to go here on Friday with some co-workers. We came away mildly impressed. The burger is a nice size but a touch too over-cooked for my tastes. I got the basic burger with cheese and it cost $8 which was a bit more than it was worth to me. Some of my friends tried the hot dogs but they were no bargain at $7 either. One largish dog split in half with toppings--one had kraut and bacon and the other chili. Fries were limp and the onion rings weren't my style.

        This is not a burger to seek out but a nice option if you are in the area. My current burger rankings are Casino el Camino, Jo's Coffee on Second and the Tavern (replacing Capital Brasserie now closed).

        1. re: Carter B.

          Carter, I would recommend at some point trying the burger over at Houston's. Its a little pricey at $10, but in my opinion, it tastes like a $10 burger. And they cook it to order, which is always nice. I will have to check out the Tavern. I really did love the Brasserie for what it was. I'm sad to see it gone.

          1. re: Homero

            I'll check Houston's sometime, Homero. Speaking of burgers, we ended up at Jo's today for lunch so I had to get the burger after posting about it and though I asked for it medium-rare it came out medium-well so your milage may vary there.

            1. re: Homero

              I'll second that Houston's burger - it's pretty good, but won't be a cheap lunch. The fries there are the shoe-string variety - very thin. They're tasty, but if you like the bigger, fatter french fry (like a steak fry), you probably won't find them to your liking. They have other sides (beans, coleslaw, etc) which you can get instead.

              1. re: Ken W

                Yea, but... you can order a medium rare burger like Daddy used to grill! It's one of the few places in town that still will do it. The beef is fresh and oh so tastey!!! It's actually big enough to share if you have a like minded companion not afraid of medium rare ground beef.

                1. re: Rene

                  Ooops... I mentioned another chain restaurant. Anyway, Houston's is a good one with great management (I had a service issue handled superbly) and a solid menu. They serve a smoked salmon appetizer that is quite tastey, as well. It's served with crispy, toasty bread and an very flavorful tarter sauce. It's a great lunch for me.

        2. On our first visit, my lunch crowd got burgers - mine was whatever they called the #1 (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle), another was the "Guac" (guacamole and jack cheese), and another was the "Shroom" (sauteed mushrooms, sprouts, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato). The burger was done medium-well, but wasn't dry at all - I didn't miss the cheese. The bun held up better to the juices and veggies than Phil's and there was a noticeable sweetness to it. The Guac had a lot of guacamole on it. The salads and onion rings sides were substantial. None of us had fries. There are about 5 choices each of burger and dog combos on the board.

          Everything's $6.95 and drinks are $1.50, so with tax you're looking at $9.15.

          The drink choices were limited - coffee and tea from behind the counter (the person who acted as cashier refilled with ice and tea), with milk and canned Pepsi products in a case (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist - that's all).

          I'll try one of the dogs next time, though it will seem a lot more expensive at that price.

          Defintely worth a repeat visit.

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          1. re: noz

            Went back yesterday for the repeat visit. This time went with the chili-cheese dog with fries. It was good. I wasn't crazy about the chili - it was a little too ... smooth (having a hard time figuring out how to describe it), I like mind a little more chunky/meaty, but overall it was pretty good - better than most dogs I've had around town (not that I'm really a dog aficionado). The fries were plentiful and crisp, a little too heavily salted for my personal taste, but still pretty good. Nonetheless, $6.95 seems a bit too high for a chili dog and fries (even if they are using Hebrew National dogs, as the owner told me).

            My co-worker got their version of mushroom burger. It was a huge hamburger, absolutely packed with burger, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, etc. They're offering wheat buns now, by the way. I didn't taste it, but my co-worker said it was great. He couldn't finish it because of the size, but he said it wasn't because it tasted good.

            For $6.95 I think the burger is a good deal. Not quite so much on the hot dogs, although I did like it.

            1. re: Ken W

              Went there with co-worker yesterday. I got the Jalapeno Burger, can't remember which one he got. We both thought the burgers were really good. Nice square bun, fresh slices of tomato and onion and pickle, nice seasoning on the fries and on the patty. Guy next to us got the chili dog and it looked huge. I don't know what all the talk is in these previous posts, $6.95 for a burger this size and fries is quite reasonable.