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Apr 18, 2007 12:10 PM

Chinese rest. in ridgefield pk on rt 46

Is it still there?

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  1. If you mean China 46, it still is.

    I've heard good things about it. Is it worth a trip to? I've been looking for really good Chinese in the Edgewater area. We usually just go to Chinatown, but it would be nice to find something local.


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    1. re: sbrener

      I was last there about 2 yrs ago & I liked it. I've had a lot of different Chinese food and I liked theirs. But in 2 yrs a lot could have changed, so all I can say is "give it a chance". I'd like to try it again myself.

      1. re: crn

        Yes it is still there. It is very good and is one of the most liked Chinese restuarants in Northern NJ. As well liked, and as good as it is, it still isn't "knocking 'em dead" crowded. I've been going there for years (as I lived literally no more than 5 minutes away). It's a popular spot for the dim sum/brunch type of thing. Anyway, it was top notch and very consistent for years.

        Then, as strange as this sounds, it went through a phase of some sort. It was not as good. I went there and had meals that were so-so and below what I had known was the norm. A few dishes I remember were not good. I had a few dishes that were greasy, when in the past they weren't (although I don't remember what I had, I remember this distinctly). It was not me, my tastebuds, or anything of the like as several friends of mine experienced the exact same thing at the same time. A few of these friends eat there very often. Some stopped going for some time. Now, for the most part those friends are back, and the restaurant is back to where it was. Again, it's very good. I would recommend it without question. Eric

        1. re: ELA

          Good....I'm glad to hear that it's still good.

          Did you ever go to Soochow in Saddle Brk on 46? I don't know why...but it's not open anymore. And it's a shame, too, because the food was sooooo good. Everytime I went there, I was practically the only non-Asian eating there.


            1. re: crn

              The people who owned Soochow also have Petite Soochow, if I'm not mistaken. Petite Soochow is on Gorge Rd in Cliffside Park. It's quite good, and like China 46, specializes in Shanghainese cooking.

              The old Petite Soochow is going to be an "Asian" restaurant, opening by the people who own Ridgewood's Dim Sum Dynasty.

              1. re: crn

                Like CRN, I haven't been to China 46 in a couple of years, but the last time I was there, it was good. But Petite Soo Chow is even better (based on my first visit, which was recent), and not far from there. I strongly recommend it.