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Apr 18, 2007 12:01 PM

Tea shops/cafes in Philly?

Where can you get an amazing cup of tea in center city?

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    1. I'm copying a reply I made to a similar question a while back:

      Great Tea International, in the Rittenhouse area, is a very unique, authentic, and calming tea house - when I 've gone there, it's felt like a small little oasis in the midst of the urban bustling. Steap isn't so good for sitting. Remedy is ok but I find it to be more like a tea version of Starbucks, good when I have work to do but not cozy at all.

      I also like the tea best at Great Tea International.

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      1. I just tried t-bar, at 12th/Sansom. It was nice because they only do tea - they carry tea body products, in case you need tea from the outside in! You can buy loose tea, but smallest amount is 4 oz. Nice, modern, clean atmosphere. Sort of like a spa...