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Apr 18, 2007 11:54 AM

Looking for a good Filipino bakery in the South Bay

I've always been a fan of the taisan and mamon cakes from Goldilocks. There are lots of locations in Northern California where I am originally from, but the only one I know of in the South Bay is the Goldilocks in Cerritos which is at least a 30 minute drive from where I live in Torrance. Occasionally, I get the ube roll from Goldilocks, but my favorites are always the taisan and mamon--sometimes I wish they would put MORE cheese on top of those delightful buttery yet fluffy cakes! In any case, I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations for Filipino bakeries in the South Bay w/ great taisan and mamon cakes!

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  1. I'd drive to Carson and cruise up Main Street (between Carson St & 223rd) there are a ton of Filipino business' in the area and I think there is a bakery. Not a 100% though.

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      I didn't know there were very many Filipino people in that area. I used to live in Carson for a year but didn't really take a close look at the businesses on Main St. I'll try it out again though.

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        In West Covina they have the exact same setup as in Carson . They also have a Max of Manila's, DJ Bibingkan (Filipino buffet) and Pinoy Pinay.

    2. Just as mar5195 suggested, on Carson there is a strip mall that we call the Seafood city complex. In it, you will find of course, Seafood City, Jollibee for good pinoy burgers, Vallero's bakery for excellent pan de sal (filipino breakfast rolls) and good siopao. There's also a Chowking for yummy fil-chinese dishes. There is also Red Ribbon bakery -- my go to place when I have a hankering for anything with mango. They have a delicious mango cake and mango bars (hmmm... mango bars).

      I also love their empanandas and pancit palabok. Their ensaymada is good as well as their other pastries and cakes.

      Hmmm... now I have a reason to visit my parents in Torrance... yahoo!

      Enjoy :)

      1. there used to be one at del amo mall. it had good ube cake, haven't been to it in a while though so not sure if it's still there...

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          INSIDE the mall itself? I don't think I've noticed anything like that in the shopping center.. I live right across the street so I can check it out, but I guess I can check the mall directory online too!

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            There was indeed, lakeshow. I believe you might be referring to RED RIBBON's realtively short-lived expansion to what was then a new Del Amo Mall annex across from the former Robinson's. Don't much beyond a crumbling structure that caused almost all tennants to vacate with none -- including the Filipino bakery -- returning.

            Incidentally, my favorite Filipino bakeries are BOULE and MAISON DU PAIN, both owned and operated by Filipino Americans. But seriously, Cerritos and West Covina seem to have a large number of quality bakeries but, only Torrance and Carson (and soon Palos Verdes, so I hear) have a HOUSE OF SILVANAS. Try the house specialty and, if your arteries allow, the Sans Rival -- a decadent, multi-layered napoleon with real buttercream and cashews.


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              Kris P Pata,
              Just had to make a comment...that's one of the best usernames I've seen on this board and one of my favorite foods!

          2. try Luisa & Sons. cross streets are bloomfield ave and alondra blvd. it feels like your grandmother's bakery. love the pan de sal, mamons, ube rolls. better than valerio's if you ask me. they also have a small shop within the Diho supermarket on 183rd and pioneer.

            1. How about Gemmae Bakeshop in Long Beach?
              1356 W. Willow St.

              Gemmae Bake Shop
              1356 W Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90810