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Apr 18, 2007 11:50 AM

Lucky Boy and Everyone Else (near Pasadena)

This place is run with military precision although slightly more warmth. Food appears in seconds and I have never gotten anything different than exactly what I ordered. It is a homely restaurant with sort of a comforting Edward Hopper Zeitgeist. The burgers are big and sloppy, and definitely taste of charred meat. The fries and onion rings are as close to perfection as I’ve found. We ordered fries well done. The three of us were unable to make a dent in the hearty portion and Grandma insisted that I take the leftovers home so my kids could have cold fries and rings in their lunch boxes on this first day back to school after a long vacation. I’ll count ketchup as a vegetable. The cross section of burger on my blog is an avocado burger with grilled onions and cheddar cheese.
Lucky Boy Drive-in Restaurant
640 S Arroyo Pkwy Pasadena, CA 91105-3233
More photos from the Lucky Boy and lots of food writing is available at

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  1. Try the breakfast burritos - so much bacon/sausage, whatever that you think they put in an entire package!! I also like their chili cheese fries (cooked well done, of course) and their chili dogs. YUM!!

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    1. re: WildSwede

      How about the breakfast burrito with some sort of polish-type sausage at Wonder Burger? On Foothill between Altadena and San Gabriel, very near La Estrella. I think it is the grease from the sausage that makes me salivate whenever I drive by this place.

      1. re: haydn1796

        I have definitely had the breakfast burrito at WB! That and Lucky Boy are my faves. Unfortunately, I am a bacon freak, so that is the only one I get. I love WBs salsa. Wow, have not been there in a long time! Will have to try the sausage one. Thanks!

        1. re: WildSwede

          When I was doing deliveries for Flower Man the owner and his wife both recommended WB's breakfast burrito, so I swung through and ordered a chili-and-cheese one. After a fairly long wait I was handed - with BOTH hands! - a rolled-up thing the size of my thigh with a good bowl's worth of chili in it, plus eggs and potatoes and godnose what else. This was definitely not driving food! So I drove the two or three blocks back to the shop and ate it there, telling the boss this was all his fault and the flower deliveries would just have to wait. And yes, it was wonderfully good.

          1. re: Will Owen

            I remember, I HAD gotten the chili one since I am a chili FREAK! Yeah, those burritos will fill you up for most of the day! But it is nice that they wrap them so tightly that nothing falls out and it does not fall apart.

      2. re: WildSwede

        I actually like the breakfast burritos at Penny's on the corner of Figueroa and York. I guess that's technically Highland Park.

      3. That looks great!!
        How do you get to the Farm Store Kellogg Ranch, and what are their hours?

        1. i knew this place was a winner when they gave styrofoam cups as ketchup/ranch dip cups instead of the typical miniscule paper cup.

          1. Actually, the legendary breakfast burrito is the best food of its kind in LA. This cuisine is about excess. There's too much of everything in the concoction. More bacon (or sausage if you ask for it instead) than you could ever eat, along with eggs, potatoes, peppers, etc. Bacon ordered on the side will supply your needs for the next week. The meatless version has too many potatoes, but if you're a vegetarian you should probably stay away anyway. An institution for those adventurers who aren't into following the Taco Trucks around town. A mecca for teenage boys with limitless ability to burn calories. One of my sons runs a cottage industry of taking advantage of his driver's license and senior privileges to take orders from his entire high school for burritos for lunch.

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            1. re: Griller141

              I ate there for the first time a few months back as I heard here on CH that Lucky Boy had the best BLT in all L.A. And I love a good BLT. And it is GREAT. The damn thing actually has TOO MUCH bacon. How often have you run across that in your life? Keep meaning to go back and try more stuff there, but it's a little out of my way. (Long walk from the Gold Line, but do-able.)

              1. re: Andrew Gore

                I got a bacon burger once and I swear there was a pound of bacon topping that burger!

                1. re: Andrew Gore

                  "Long walk from the Gold Line"? Isn't Lucky Boy just a block or two from the Fillmore station? That's the place across from the original Trader Joe's, right?

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    Yes, Fillmore is about 2 blocks south.

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Yep...actually close to the metro station.

                2. I drive past this place every day and haven't tried it yet. I'll have to make sure to check it out.

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                  1. re: alliebear

                    Made it to Luck Boy's twice this week. I tried the chili cheese fries and a breakfast burrito. The chili cheese fries are some of the best I've had. The fries were cooked just enough for my taste, they used shredded cheese which melted really well with the chili. The chili was more mild than I like, but overall I was very pleased.

                    The breakfast burrito with sausage was very big and kept me full way past lunchtime. So thanks for the recommendation, everyone.

                    1. re: alliebear

                      The chili is pretty mild, and since I prefer spicy, spicy, what I do is get some of those hot peppers that they offer (and the juice) and take a bite out of one every once in a while and squeeze the juice on top of the chili cheese fries. This makes for one very tasty meal!! ;-)

                      1. re: alliebear

                        Take my advice and never let the chili cheese fries cool too much before eating them. It becomes a disgusting mess.

                        1. re: Griller141

                          Very true! usually, I can't finish them anyway!