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Apr 18, 2007 11:29 AM

Cooking classes?

I'll be in town for the week of Jazzfest (11 days to go!!!) and my friend and I were thinking about taking a cooking class one afternoon while our husbands gamble the day away at Harrah's. I know there are quite a bit of them available, but don't know if there's worth the money- any feedback would be great! Thanks!!

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  1. Not sure how long or when you'll be in town, but Savvy Gourmet has a class on the Tuesday before the 1st weekend of jazzfest that should be very good. I've taken several classes with them and they are very good and worth every penny. They don't traditionally focus on New Orleans food (but the local products) like some of the other classes you may see around the FQ. here is their website...

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      I second Savvy Gourmet. Great space, fun classes.

      The other one you might want to look into is the New Orleans Cooking Experience:

      Frank Brigtsen (of Brigtsen's) teaches with them, as well as Poppy Tooker, local Slow Food maven and general food activist. They don't seem to have an online calendar, you'll probably have to call..

      Anybody know what's up with Culinaria? I haven't heard anything about them post-K.

    2. We had a great time @ Savvy Gourmet last September and were the only out of towners. There class schedule is on their website. There is also the New Orleans School of Cooking in the quarter. They have classes available twice daily but seem larger and less personal than Savvy Gourmet. Not sure what happened to Culinaria but I don't think they offer cooking classes any longer. Hangtowner

      1. Savvy is OK but I really enjoy the classes at the House on Bayou Road- Google "new orleans cooking experience" for info...usually limited to 10 guests and headed by some of the best chefs in the city (Frank Brigsten is one) plus it's a chance to see some of the best architecture in the city- have fun!