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Apr 18, 2007 11:21 AM

Good cafes to study/work in Irvine?

I'm a student at UC Irvine and I'm looking for a good cafe, coffeeshop, teahouse, etc place to do work in Irvine. It doesn't have to have internet. Diedrich gets a little too full, Starbucks and Panera are both noisy, and I'm kind of running out of options. Any ideas?

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  1. Cha for Tea in the Marketplace might be too noisy, but the Boba Place off of Jamboree & ??? in the Melting Pot & Daily Grill Center - sorry, totally spacing on name & cross street - is usually much quieter.

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      Tapioca Express. Yes, that one's a bit quieter. Except they usually have music playing over the speakers.

    2. When I was an undergrad at UCI, the Student Center was the place to go to study. Lots of study spaces, and they had that Cornerstone Cafe where you could get liquid refreshments. I'm not sure if the remodel/reconstruction has been completed yet.

      Alternate place was the Denny's up on Bristol at Redhill, since they're 24 hours. And there's always the library, where you can reserve a private room for free (both the main and science libraries let you do this). If you sneak your coffee in with a thermos in your backpack, it might work.

      1. What time of day? What's wrong with the library?

        Carl's Jr. near the airport is usually quiet in the morning. Plus I actually like their coffee.

        If you don't mind being outside, the new Woodbury shopping center on Sand Canyon / Irvine Blvd. has a bunch of tables near the food court area (most restaurants aren't open yet).

        Newport Beach Library is nice and quiet, not always crowded. Fashion Island near the movie theatre has lots of tables and is not usually crowded outside of lunch hour, and even then it doesn't seem too noisy.

        I always see students studying at Barnes and Noble.

        1. it's been a long time since i was there, but i spent many many hours at the gypsy den cafe in costa mesa. the name describes it perfectly--cozy couches and armchairs, some tables, lots of tapestries and artwork. chill.

          1. I thought of another one. It's a cafe/crepe place called Genki Living. They've got Wi-Fi and is across from IVC on Jeffrey and Irvine Center.

            Here's some pics: