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Apr 18, 2007 11:04 AM

Eating Alone

So I normally have no cause to eat out alone, but work's getting hectic and methinks I'll need to find a place where I can sit a the bar and order without feeling out of place reading a magazine. Normally, I'd just go to a Subway or Chipotle or get pizza, but I'd really prefer something more dinnerish. Can anyone recommend anything? The neighborhoods I'm specifically interested is Flatiron/Chelsea/Gramercy (where I work now) and the East 40s Turtle Bay area (where I will be soon). Also, is Kitchen 22 or Craftbar good for this sort of thing. I like them, though they won't be convenient anymore in a few weeks. Thanks!

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  1. Blue Smoke, Pinch, and Houstons in Flatiron/Gramercy.

    1. Kitchen 22 is awful- skip that.