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Best OATMEAL COOKIE - santa monica/venice

Looking for the most delicious traditional oatmeal cookie (soft - not crisp). /Additionaly, nothing against the white chocolate/cranberry cookies of the world, but the taste I need to satisfy calls for old school yumminess.

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  1. My favorite oatmeal raisins in LA are in Westwood at Diddy Riese. they're amazing and only 35 cents each!!

    926 Broxton Ave
    Los Angeles, CA
    Phone: (310) 208-0448

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      The oatmeal currant cookies at La Brea bakery are fantastic.

    2. by far the best i've had are at city bakery in the brentwood country mart (on the s. monica border, at 26th )

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        Agree. And their chocolate cookies are friggin' tdf.

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          Have to disagree about the oatmeal cookie at City Bakery. They are sickeningly sweet. I think they have coconut in them. I love oatmeal raisin cookies. My favorite ones these days are at Clementine.

        2. I have a weakness for the ones in the plastic containers from the bakery at Ralph's! Although I pretty much gave up shopping there during the last strike, I still sometimes grab a package. Definitely get the ones without the nuts.

          My favorite ones ever are from Great Harvest, which is a chain of bread stores that don't seem to be too prevalent in southern California.

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            Similarly, the ones from Costco are soft, perfectly spiced and chewy... All the cookies in the that tub are great!

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              I forgot about those. The Costco oatmeal raisin ones are awesome!

          2. I've seen the basic oatmeal cookie at Clementine before, but I did not have it. However, I've never eaten anything from Clementine that I did not love. I don't just like their food, I love their food.

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              After reading this post, I decided to venture to Diddy Riese for the first time. (Chowhound staying in Los Angeles by way of Toronto). Gotta say, there is nothing quite like that in Toronto. Cheap and Good. Never would have figured that Westwood Village would be home to such a creation. I went for the M&M Cookies with Espresso Chip ice cream. $1.25. Even if they did raise their price.... it's a bucks 25. You can't get a decent cup of java for that money anywhere.

              1. re: kmoore

                They actually recently (fairly recently) raised their prices.

                And apologized for it.

                It's sort of an institution.

                There are better cookies, perhaps, but few that are a better value.

                There are a couple of other places in the Village that have that "it's a tradition" feel to them. I've been going to them for so long, I know longer know if they are good, I just know I like them.

                In addition to DR, they are Falafel King, Stan's Donuts and Sepi's Subs. Anyone who went to school in Westwood likely knows them all well.

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                  Maybe Stan's was the originator of "gourmet" donuts - they were into elevating the simple donut back in the late 70s-early 80s?

                  Falafal King - one of the first places to gain popularity in the Westside by cooking up falafal and shwarma - they get flamed now, but I'd still eat there...

                  Diddy Riese - too many all-nighters would have ended in crash&burn without a stash of their cookies in my backpack...

            2. The big ones at Von's, believe it or not! The ones that are near the bulk bagles that you select yourself. Really, really good. I was shocked!! Fantastic!

              1. Clementine's "Mrs Miller's cookie" is excellent, and it's chewy; it's got coconut and raisins so I don't know if that's oldschool enough for the OP.

                I really like the flavor and satisfying huge bites of the big, fat, crumbly "Colossal" oatmeal-raisin cookies from Bristol Farms, even though they're sometimes a little dry;I can easily see how someone else might not. I also think Victor Benes makes a pretty decent one. (Mrs. Fields used to make great oatmeal-raisin cookies too, but that was in another century, unfortunately.)

                And I got no problem with DIddy Reese's either, especially when you make an ice cream sandwich out of 'em, like a made-to-order It's-It.

                1. Okay I know this is weird but I love the ones at Togo's. They're my absolute fave and with a turkey & provolone sub that's a yummy lunch.

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                    Funny... when I was in high school, I distincly recall Subway having a very good oatmeal cookie.

                    1. re: Emme

                      They still do. And really good peanut butter ones!

                  2. I'm partial to the Druid Circles from Trader Joes's - though they have raisins in them.

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                      OMG forgot about those! Okay those are my real favorite.

                      1. re: Oh Robin

                        One of my nearest and dearest buddies who is half-irish, half-scotsman, and all oats, swears by the Druid Circles...

                      1. Believe it or not, Smart N Final here in Costa Mesa (so I assume the same for the others) has great oatmeal cookies in tubs. Perfect soft to chewy to crisp ratio, well-done raisens... yummm...