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Apr 18, 2007 10:29 AM

Torquay/St. Ives

My husband and I will be spending a few days this June in Torquay and another few in St. Ives. Any suggestions for both fine seafood and for good pub food?

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  1. The very best restaurant in Torquay is probably the Michelin starred "The Elephant" but be prepared to shell out some major cash!

    Another option is the award winning fish and chips from in Babbacombe in Torquay ...

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    1. re: Bazza90036

      I'd agree the Elephant is excellent and a trip there is an absolute must, but not that it's too expensive for the quality of the cooking provided. But do also note that they now have also opened a Brasserie too.

      Have fun in June.

    2. Searching UK Food Blogs for Cornwall - - brings up some interesting suggestions.

      Cornwall is Rick Stein's territory with his famous restaurants at Padstow. I don't know them but they get good reports. lists his food heroes in Cornwall.

      Another directory of local food producers etc in Cornwall is

      Finally, two of the Observer's "The top 50 things every foodie should do" - - are Cornwall related.