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Apr 18, 2007 10:22 AM

NOLA What to see/do?

I got a list of places to eat, what should we see/do? 4 day honeymoon.
A girl from Cleveland

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    1. Some French Quarter food recc's would be good as well.

      We are def. going to Galatories based on the reccs here.

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      1. re: malibujessi

        Hey Cleveland Girl:
        I'm heading to NOLA at the end of this month for a 5 days. Based on recommendations from locals and this board, I'm planning on eating at Brigtsten's (Riverbend); Pelican Club, K-Pauls, Central Grocery, Acme Oyster House, Mother's, Coop's Place (French Quarter); Dick & Jenny's, Cassamento's, Pascal's Manale (Uptown); and Commander's Palace (Sunday brunch - Garden District). Don't forget café au lait and beignets at Café de Monde for at least one morning! (okay, every morning!) You can search these places on this board using the Search function.

        I suggest you check out for a list of things to do and for music clubs and performers.

        The St. Charles Steetcar line through the Garden District is still out of service (bus service is available), but the Canal Street line is running, if you want to see a bit of the city.

        Have a wonderful honeymoon and enjoy NOLA!

      2. If you're a seafood freak (like me), you might also want to try Ralph & Kacoo's, particularly one of the "Louisiana Platters." A tip -- if you want pralines, get them from a place that makes them fresh. They crystallize if they sit around very long.

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        1. re: mpalmer6c

          Ralph & Kacoo's is a chain, and I was extremely unimpressed with my single experience there. Please go to a local place instead. Casamento's or Mandina's, for example.

          1. re: mpalmer6c

            Please don't go to Ralph & Kacoo's. It's owned by Picadilly Cafeterias. Long, long ago, it was a real restaurant (originally in Point Coupee), but those days are gone. Indifferent to bad food. You can do much better at the same pricing point.

          2. If you're looking for a food-centered way to kill an afternoon, and to see something else, try this.

            Board a Canal streetcar headed toward the lake (Doesn't matter if it's marked City Park or cemetries.) Buy two one-day passes ($5 apiece) as you're going to get on and off a couple of times.

            Ride out Canal to Mandina's (3800 Canal, pull the stop string just beyond the wide median of Jeff Davis Parkway.) Have lunch. Note that it's cash only.

            Once you're done with lunch, go back out to the streetcar line. Catch a City Park car (not cemeteries, it matters now.) Ride to the end of the Carrollton Avenue spur at Beauregard Circle.

            Walk into the park toward the New Orleans Museum of Art, ( the building at the end of the formal drive. To the left, you'll see the sculpture garden. Tour sculpure garden. You may also be interested in what's inside, especially if it's hot, but I'm particularly fond of the garden, which has the added bonus of being free.

            When you're done at the museum, go back to the streetcar. Ride back to Canal and Carrollton and get off. Go into Brocato's (facing Carrollton on the business strip there) and have some gelato or spumoni.

            Go back out to Canal and Carrollton and catch a streetcar going back toward the river.

            End of long, lazy afternoon.

            Two tips. The museum part of this is no good on Mondays and Tuesdays because the art museum is closed those days. Also, you may want to go to the transit system web site ( and get a streetcar schedule, as some service is infrequent.

            I'd offer my similar St. Charles streetcar itinerary, but the car is not running past Lee Circle until they repair damage from you-know-who.

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            1. re: jamy

              Jamy describes a lovely afternoon. A few additional options along this route, near the Canal & Carrollton intersection: Cafe Minh (vietnamese fusion by Minh Bui, formerly of Lemongrass), Doson's Noodle House (inexpensive vietnamese), Guerro's (so-so tacos), Juan's Flying Burrito (inexpensive tex mex)....

              1. re: jamy

                Jamy, can you recommend a similar itinerary on the St. Charles Street bus since the streetcar is closed?

                I have vague idea of going to Casamento's and Commander's palace and Maybe for Praline's by Jen?

                What do you think?

                1. re: Problem Child

                  I would take the Magazine St. bus to the zoo-- get off right before Louisiana Avenue, in that four block stretch is a gelateria, a wine store with table out front, a good coffee shop (Rue de la Course, not Puccino's), and further down is the Bulldog with a great beer selection. Big Fisherman across the street will sell you boiled crawfish, and the Bulldog has a lovely patio. Also lots of good shopping right in there.

                  Hop back on the bus, if you get off at Napoleon, Casamento's is right there for a dozen raw oysters, and Miss Mae's for dirt cheap drinks. Just past Napoleon is Tee Eva's, a little food stand with lots of New Orleans treats. La Boulangerie is a great french bakery, and Savvy Gourmet is across the street, you might be able to catch a noon cooking class.

                  Back on the bus, continue to Jefferson Ave, there are a few more coffee shops and some very nice boutiques in those few blocks, and a Whole Foods if you need more sustenance. At the end of Magazine, get off at the zoo. Across Magazine from the zoo is Audubon Park with a nice walking/biking path. Behind the zoo is a riverfront park.

                  If you want to see the houses on St. charles, walk about a mile up through Audubon park to catch the St. Charles bus back downtown. Or you could walk around Tulane a little bit, and get a crepe at the crepe stand (Crepes a la Carte) on Broadway.

                  Commander's is between Magazine and St. Charles (2 blocks off St. Charles) on Washington St.

                  1. re: JGrey

                    Awesome recs! Thanks so much! I assume all these areas are quite safe to walk around in the daytime?

                    1. re: Problem Child

                      Absolutely. I'd feel pretty good at night as well.

                      Oh, on the way back, The Columns Hotel on St. Charles makes a great bloody mary.

                  2. re: Problem Child

                    My St Charles plan, for bus use.

                    Catch an uptown St. Charles bus at the corner of Canal and St. Charles. Buy the $5 daily pass. Ride all the way out St. Charles. If you have a good guidebook, it should name some sights along the way.

                    Get off just past the bend where the bus turns onto Carrollton. Go across the street to the (NEWLY REOPENED) Camellia Grill. Have brunch or lunch (pecan waffle or omelette or one of those funny freezes with the chopped-up ice). Hope that cloth napkins are back.

                    If diner fare doesn't sound good to you, ride the bus a few blocks further up Carrollton and get off at Oak Street. Towards the river, there are several interesting or decent restaurants. You can pick by window shopping, or seek further advice on the list. The Camellia Grill is somewhat sacramental to me, as my brother once fell off the stool there and hit his head on the floor when he was five.

                    When you're done eating, get back on the bus headed downtown. Ride most of the way back downtown to Washington Avenue. Get off here. Most self-guided walking tours of the Garden District (again, a good guidebook) begin around Washington and St. Charles.

                    When you're done with your walking tour, head back to St. Charles. If you're not done for the afternoon, get back on the bus headed back uptown, and ride past Louisiana, and get off at the Columns Hotel. Have a drink on the porch.

                    Get back on the bus, ride downtown to St. Charles and Canal, and you're done.

                    This tour could be modified where you rode outbound to Washington, had lunch at Commander's Palace, and took your walking tour of the Garden District after that. Although on a hot day, the right clothing combination of decently formal yet cool and comfortable would be tricky.

                    It also could be modified to ditch the garden district walking tour, and instead walk through Audubon Park to the zoo. Be warned that's a 15-block hike in either direction from St. Charles, although I find the zoo to be a fun and even somewhat romantic destination. JGrey's Magazine bus plan might be better if your heart is set on the zoo.

                    I think the key to either of these eating-and-outings is to keep it simple, and not try to pack too much into a day. That's especially true when using the bus or streetcar, as there will be some waiting around.

                  3. re: jamy

                    Jamy,what a great post.I'm coming to New Orleans soon and am intent on trying your full meal deal of fun and food.

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