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Apr 18, 2007 10:18 AM

SFV All You Can Eat Sushi!

I am looking for the best priced, but still good quality, all you can eat sushi in the SFV area. Ventura Blvd. has plenty of sushi joints but which one is the best for all you can eat? Locations and prices please!

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  1. Never tried this place but intend to one day based on this thread.

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      I am 24/7 sushi eater and when I say sushi i mean sushi. Not imitation sushi. I like tasty fresh sushi. Midori's is my favorite place to go. They have great ambience and im glad its all you can eat cuz you just cant stop eating! they give you big portions and a good menu to choose from. 20 for lunch. 25 for dinner. EAT HERE!!

    2. I think that would be Midori, but the consensus seems to be that it is okay. Todai is inedible sushi.

      The best bet for quality sushi is to go to a sushi bar. Many have 1/2 price sushi, so that may be the best bet.

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        Todai is only good at dinner time and if you're patient enough to wait for a fresh made batch. Crab legs are great and so are the soups and cooked food.

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          todai is gross, avoid at all costs

      2. im not sure there is such a thing as a good quality, all-you-can-eat sushi place.

        1. There is a good place on Ventura (IIRC the sign says something in Japanese and then says "all you can eat") which I really enjoyed. It is near the Woodland Hills In-N-Out between Tampa & Winnetka I almost think it is between Corbin and Oakdale (I am looking at the "hybrid" option on yahoo.maps where you can actually see the buildings from the top, and think I have found it). They had very interesting options and the service was very good.

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            Sounds like you're describing Light & Healthy Sushi