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Apr 18, 2007 10:18 AM

Breakfast near W 46th & Broadway?

I'll be in NYC for the first time in a couple weeks. We'll be staying near West 46th & Broadway, and are looking for breakfast joints - nothing too too fancy - for the 4 mornings we'll be there. Anywhere to get something fresh & healthy? Alternatively, good greasy diner recommendations? Bagels? Great coffee? I'm pretty open as long as it's inexpensive and close enough to walk. Thanks!

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  1. You'll be very near the Edison Cafe, in teh Edison Hotel, on 47th Street, between B'way and 8th Avenue. I believe that place is open for breakfast, and it is suitably divey.

    Farther afield, there's Applejack Diner, which has been at bway and 54 or so, I believe, for a long time. Basic diner fare.

    Not sure what time Amy's Bread opens, but the baked goods there are great. 9th Avenue and 46th Street.

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      Amy's Bread is a good call. Plus, as your first time to NYC, it will be good for you to get out of the immediate Times Square area. Ninth Avenue is nice for wandering in that area. I always feel like grabbing tourists who are walking around Times Square and saying "go somewhere - anywhere - else!"

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        Not really all that fascinated by Times Square, to be honest. I'm just one of those folks who needs breakfast as soon as she wakes up - hence breakfast needs to be nearby. But fear not, most of our wandering is going to be elsewhere in the city!

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        Amy's opens at 7:30 a.m. weekdays, 8 on Sat., and 9 on Sun. There's a continental breakfast menu, and just a few tables at the back of the shop.

        Ellen's Stardust Diner is on B'way & 51st St. Basic breakfast menu. Retro-50's theme.

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          The Edison Cafe is a CLASSIC diner/lunch counter, and it's divey in a way that a place that's been open that long gets that kind of divey patina to it. And it is definitely open for breakfast.

          You can get excellent, and I do mean excellent, bagels at Times Square Hot Bagels on 44th and Broadway. These used to be famous NY bagels when they were open in another location, but they moved to this spot, changed the name of the store (the name of the store is always neighborhood appropriate, which is confusing as a "branding exercise"), and everyone forgot about them. However, the bagels are as good as they ever were.

        2. Blue Fin, at the Westin on 47th and Broadway serves breakfast which could be a nice change from a diner one day. For something healthier you could walk up toward the park one morning and stop at Le Pain Quotidien at 58th and 7th for their great granola parfait or frothy latte in a bowl.

          1. These are all great options so far, by the way - thanks for all your input!

            1. Margon is right there on 46th Street... I have not had their breakfast but heard that's it not half bad, and it's extremely cheap... (good coffee too)

              1. Try the almond "toast" at Amy's for breakfast - you can get it to go or eat there -- if you get it to go, there is a Starbucks a block away if that spins your wheels. The almond toast is basically a dry'ish (stale?) bread slathered with a marzipan like almond paste. If you dig marzipan (which I do) this - with a strong cup of starbucks is a delicious way to start the day!

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                  Second Amy's.

                  Watt, you mentioned "great coffee." If coffee is a destination item for you, grab it at Casa Cupcake Cafe (about six blocks south of Amy's). Their espresso drinks and drip coffee rank among the best in the city. Casa's iced coffee, however, doesn't do it for me.