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Apr 18, 2007 10:14 AM

Best Key Lime Pie in Miami

Coming to Miami in June...Can you CH'ers tell me where to find the best example of Key Lime Pie in Miami / Miami Beach, so I know what to compare to when I eat it elsewhere? Thanks!

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  1. Try Bahama breeze,it's a chain,but you will be hard pressed to find better Key lime pie,it is my second favorite,the best i have had was in the lower keys(a beautiful drive if your up to it) at the Blonde Giraffe, good look ,and enjoy!

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      There was a Blonde Giraffe location on US1 in South Miami when I was living down there, back in 2004. It's near the Sunset Place mega-mall, if that helps. A lot closer than the lower Keys! And their key lime pie is good, no doubt, but I still think Publix makes the best.

    2. No Doubt- Hands DOWN- JOE's - on South beach.
      buy the whole pie (if there are more than 3 of you- its cheaper then if you buy 3 slices) and they give you a can of whipped cream with it.
      The crust is buttery graham crackers- and thick, the pie is marvelously tart and the whipped cream to top it all of- DELISH!

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        It's been years since I lived in Miami, but I love Joe's Key Lime Pie. You can also get it at the take out area.

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          Just wanted to third Joe's Key Lime Pie - nothing better than that!

      2. Bob Roth's New River Groves, on Griffin Road, in Davie, still makes the Key Lime Pie that convinced the state legislature to make the Key Lime Pie the official state pie of Florida. I personally don't think there is any better, and I've tried Publix', Joe's, and Blonde Giraffe. It's a little off the beaten track for most people, but the lines out the door at Thanksgiving tells me that anyone who's tried it has liked it!

          it's worth saving room for...or eating even when stuffed already. :)

          FYI - I went to the Key Lime Pie Factory off US1 near Kendall and was not impressed at all. It had a strange meringue topping. Too bad.

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            You can either get it w/ or w/o the meringue.