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Apr 18, 2007 09:59 AM

Havana, Walnut Creek

We had dinner here last night and I will count it as a sucess if I can save one other person their money. The interior is dark and seems cold with unfinished concrete floors. The server seemed overly casual (you guys know what you want?) and they were out of the first 2 beers my huband tried to order, which was conveyed in two seperate vists from the server. We had a small bowl of black bean soup which has no flavor other than bean (no onion, garlic, meaty broth) and some decent fried plantains with a one dimensional sweet pineapple mush billed as salsa to start. Bread for the table was puffy soft white fluff but the whipped butter was soft at least. The ropa vieja tasted scorched, the meat was shredded and stringy and oozed red oil, the rice was bland and the black beans seemed like a slightly thicker version of the soup. A tapas of mixed grill was 3 small sticks of soft textured sausage, fatty skirt steak and either pork or chicken, unfortunately, it was hard to tell, served on the same bland rice with a sweet sauce. An outrageously priced special mojito was in a straight sided glass so filled with ice that cubes fell on the table when the server set it down. I would have been more upset of the 3 ounces for 9 bucks if it hadn't been so sweet that it was undrinkable. Total bill for 1 soup, 1 app, 1 tapa, 1 entree, 1 beer and 1 mojito, $55.


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  1. yeah, I was going to try Havana's for my Cuban Search, but all the bad reports dissuaded me. I had a nice meal at La Taza de Cafe in Oakland, on Grand. You might want to give that a try. They also have entertainment on the weekends apparently.

    1. We've had a couple of just ok expereinces here. However, the service has been fairly bad on both occasions. All the food items we tried were the tapas style items and were in the just ok range with the expection of the scallops that were really quite good and perfectly cooked. We've always opted for a pitcher of mojitos and the value of that seem ok.

      1. I completely agree. Went for a happy hour a few weeks back. I couldn't not even finish my bite of the bland and overly starchy plantain. A mojito was way too sweet. And I could never get the correct glass of wine.