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Apr 18, 2007 09:54 AM

Doug's BBQ- are they open again?

I've been wanting to try this place based on good reviews but when I tried to go there was a note that said closed until further notice. Anyone know if they have opened back up? Any commentary is welcome also, Doug's or otherwise. I love Memphis Minnie's I just want to find a good alternative for BBQ in the bay area. I have read through most of the bbq threads on the boards already... Thanks hounds.... I'm new and I really like this place! G

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  1. Welcome to CH! Unfortunately, I saw an online ad in the past few weeks indicating that Doug's was up for sale. If it does reopen as a bbq place, then I guess it will be under new ownership.

    As far as other bbq places, I was wondering about prospective joints in San Jose (since I live in Santa Cruz) and did some googling. This may be a schlep for you, but it sounds like you're willing to drive for good stuff. Anyone out there have comments on the following places:

    Texas Smokehouse BBQ on Capitol
    Sam's on S. Bascom
    JC's on Saratoga
    Andy's on El Camino Real

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      That's a real shame. Doug's had very good smoked turkey and decent ribs but I haven't been in a year. Come to think of it however, you don't smell the smoke when stuck on 580, which is closed and overhead of Doug's. They had an excellent lunch special - a three way combo for $7.50 and it was huge. I was under the impression it was under new management last time I was there...or perhaps relatives of the original owner?

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        To clarify, my post above is referring to the Doug's in HMB.

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        I actually quite like JC's.. whenever I'm in the neighborhood looking for a diet killer it's a tossup between there and the excellent Amato's Cheesesteaks just down the block (chicken works!).

        JC's BBQ has more of a 'grilled' flavor than say the 'smoked' of Frank's (Mountain View) or Minnie's (SF). I've heard that they parboil and then finish on the grill (anyone else know for sure?), which would explain it.

        They do beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken, hot links, and burgers. Each is dressed with a sweet, slightly spicy tomato-based sauce. Sides are potato salad, beans, garlic bread, and (iceberg-lettuce-with-a-quarter-tomato) green salad. My favorites there are the beef ribs and beans, but the pork ribs are consistent, and their burgers have good flavor too. I've had the chicken and links maybe once, but I like the beef ribs too much to stray far. Their potato salad is tasty, but personally I find it too much to pair with all the meat. Too bad they don't do brisket!

      3. Are you talking Doug's in Emeryville or the unrelated Doug's in Half Moon Bay?

        1. Sorry, didn't clarify, I was talking Doug's in Emeryville, I guess they are done though.

          I just tried the BBQ at Windy City in San Mateo and what a surprise, this is good stuff. The pork ribs and rib tips were excellent as was the pork shoulder. The beef brisket was also good, not wonderful. They serve it with sauce which is kinda a bbq no-no but I'm sure they would serve it on side if requested. The sauce itself is un-remarkable, perhaps bottled, a little too sweet for me, not enough spice but damn if those ribs weren't amazing, smoky, tender and not too fatty, better than Minnie's and Uncle Franks in my book.

          And the deep dish pizza is good too!

          I am curious about Texas Smokehouse BBQ as well, also:
          Bo's in Lafayette and Central Texas in Castroville.

          1. Just called Doug's to see how late they were open and got a "you have reached a # that has been disconnected" recording. I was shocked and immediately came to Chowhound to get the story. (And, of course, within seconds I had everything I wanted to know. Rather, in this case, everything I didn't want to know). Any word since April re reopening? Or relocating?

            1. saw it open today when passing by on bart!

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                Are you sure? Just asking since there's a local community food bank that gives out food in that space and next door, in the parking lot. If it is open, great news.

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                    Ya know, I think that jquan2004 is talking about a totally different Doug's - Doug's #1 near the Coliseum. Doug's in Emeryville can't be seen from any BART train that I'm aware of.

                  2. re: ML8000

                    I would love some Doug's Smoked goat!