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Apr 18, 2007 09:49 AM

Looking for authentic, affordable eats in Melbourne

I will be visting Melbourne for 10 days and am looking for affordable and authentic Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai and Italian restaurants around the CBD and/ or nearby suburbs. Please recommend!!! I'm also open to other suggestions...

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  1. Jump on a tram from the CBD(quintessential Melbourne experience) and head down Victoria Street, Richmond. Plenty of little hone in the wall Viet/Chinese/Thai/Malaysian joint. Great shopping close by on Church and Swan street, too (and some pretty good Greek/Italian/Spanish, too). ONce you get to Victoria street (about 5 mins from thr CBD), you can walk everywhere else. It's a great little area to roam on a Saturday

    In Victoria Street, I would recommend Zho Zhung, and afterwards the little bakery 2 doors up....

    If your looking for yum cha, China Town, in the CBD has plenty of amazing places.. all reasonalby priced, but (IMHO) you cannot go past the Yum Cha at Fu Long in Box Hill (Also a tram/train ride out of town...... about 20 mins)

    Hope you enjoy your stay!