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Apr 18, 2007 09:29 AM

Fun and Fancy?

I am helping organize our annual town hall at work. For the last couple of years we have gone to Great Cooks on Eight. We want to try something different this year. So far the ideas bounced around include The Academy of Spherical Arts or a Mill Street Brewery Tour, Soma Chocolate tasting and dinner at Mill Street Brewpub. Some of the feedback from last year was that people want to go somewhere where they can mingle, so that it's fun, but that the place is a bit fancy. I'm thinking maybe a wine and cheese tasting somewhere, but can't think of anywhere that is big enough, and both fun and fancy.
Any suggestions? I don't have exact details, but we can probably go to about $150 per person including food.

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  1. Nothing fancy about The Academy of Spherical Arts. I've been there once with a few friends and once for a firm function. I think it looks like a dusty rec room. The food sucks. Don't go there.

    How many people in your group?

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      Thanks for the info. I think around 35 people.

    2. Continuing with your distillery ideas, how about a reception at the Sandra Ainsley glass art gallery? It is a neat space - lots to look at and talk about - and they do private events.

      The Drake hotel also does good private events with excellent finger food.

      1. Windsor Arms; cocktails, finger foods etc in the's a nice 'fancy' spot

        1. We had a Christmas party at the Boiler House. Well set-up for mingling upstairs, privacy downstairs.

          Don't know if your budget fits The Carlu, but boy, it's gourgeous there. Don't let the look fool you. Terribly easy to have a good time there.

          1. I want to work where you work.
            We get a pint at a pub in December.