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Apr 18, 2007 09:25 AM

Reuben Sandwich anyone?

A current food quest of mine.....4* rating system
so far the best I've had is New World Deli...Stuffed delicious , perfect amount of cheese and dressing , and grilled perfectly right in front of you ( bread grilled but not hard) 4*
Katz's was ok , I'd eat it again.3*
I hated Manny Hattens , bland , not balanced ingredient ratio ( kinda dry) and overpriced. 2*...any input? Maybe someplace south?

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  1. I agree New World Deli does an excellent job with their reuben sandwich. I don't know of any place south, but in Crestview Little Deli used to do a very good reuben too. Right amount of meat, good rye bread, dressing was excellent. They recently sold and I haven't been by since then, so I don't know if the quality level is the same as it used to be.

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    1. re: rollledspleen

      used to eat there alot,but never had reuben there...nice lookin' staff if i recall

      1. re: Rustcat

        I thought this was funny. Years ago on I35 in the vicinity ofo 38th there was a place called the Canary Hut that served pretty good simple food. I was in there one day and a guy at the table next to me asked for a Rueben. The waitress came back and said they couldn't make it because they were out of corned beef. He asked her why couldn't they make it with ham. Is it just me?

        1. re: singlemalt

          we're out of Russian rye....will white bread do? Let's call it a Ham sandwich!!

    2. Little Deli (up north, Brentwood area) and Belladonna (on Burleson, down south) both offer pretty decent Reubens.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        I'll second the Reuben at Little Deli, but then I'll second anything that comes from Little Deli,

        1. re: Ken W

          Agreed. They've survived the transfer of ownership reasonably well, as well. I have noticed a sliiiiiight dip in sandwich quality, but the sample size (four visits) isn't big enough to be sure. All-in-all, things seem to be pretty good at Austin's best sandwich shop.

      2. I had one recently at Blue Star Cafeteria that was good. They forgot the Russian dressing at first, but the waitress brought me some immediately. Once I got the dressing, I was happy. Good corned beef, plenty of cheese and kraut, nice quality bread and yummy homemade-tasting dressing. All in all, an 8 on a 1-10 scale.

        1. Hyde Park Bar and Grill does a pastrami reuben I've always been happy with, and of course it comes with 'those fries' as well.

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          1. re: TAF

            I enjoy the pastrami reuben at Hyde Park Bar too.

            1. re: TAF

              Yes, Hyde Park was always a great place for a pastrami reuben in our book too. There's also a decent one at W. 34th Street Cafe.

            2. The H-E-B on Far West has a kosher deli section that I've been meaning to try. I've heard from a few people that they put together a great reuben. Can anyone confirm this?

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              1. re: jwynne2000

                While I can by no means claim to be an expert on reubens, I have had several from the Kosher deli in the Far West (Village Center) HEB and have found them to be outstanding and better than any others in town.

                1. re: jwynne2000

                  They do make a great reuben - I have had it a few times - but being kosher there will be no cheese on the sandwich -