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Apr 18, 2007 09:13 AM

Suggestions Near Mirage...

Staying two nights in Vegas. Going to DB Brasserie for pre-theater dinner on second night, would like recommendations for the first night, non-French, preferably steak, American, or Italian, in or walking distance from Mirage. From LA, so Spago, Chinois, Valentino, BOA, Sushi Roku - been there, done that.

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  1. In the Forum Shops, joe's stone crab might suit the bill...very traditional but excellent American food at this place, which originiated in Miami. They have an excellent bone in filet, and the seafood is also good. Easily walkable from the Mirage. I also like FIX in the Bellagio, generally "fun" but good food; not such a big fan of Stack, it's sister restaurant in the Mirage.

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      I'm disappointed to hear that about Stack--was thinking about checking that out. Thanks for the recs.

    2. Bartolotta at the Wynn is easy walking distance from the Mirage. Excellent Italian fish and pastas. Of course you're going to DB the first night so maybe you don't want to go to the Wynn a second time. You don't want French so that leaves out Bouchon at the Venetian (too bad, it's great). We are trying B&B Ristorante at the Venetian tomorrow night, Batali's new place, not sure when your trip is but maybe I can report back in time, there's a recent thread with two diverging opinions. Delmonico steakhouse at Venetian is popular, only been once, it was pretty good although we prefer N9NE. Also we really like FIX at the Bellagio, as mentioned by another poster, but it's not exactly next to the Mirage.

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        Thanks. Yes, been to Bouchon - both LV and Napa - and love it, but wanted to venture out. I'd be interested in your experience at B&B Ristorante--our trip is in later in May, so LMK.

      2. Bradley Ogden's in Caesar's Palace - good American just about next door. Not cheap, but not too pricey. I enjoyed the Brazilian Steakhouse (buffet) experience at the Mirage - forgot what it's called - not phenomenal but tasty - and definitely got my fill on that trip

        1. take a look at my past reviews of stack and fix ( with pics ) - you mention boa...the hollywood or santa monica location - i've been to boa in santa monica and if you like that vibe, you'll enjoy stack. you might want to consider japonais in the mirage and if you are hungry and with a group, for lunch , "share " a sandwich at the deli it's quite comical. on my list to try that is next store at ti is social house.