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Apr 18, 2007 08:59 AM

60's desserts

I have been given the task of contributing a 60's dessert for a dinner party this weekend.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I think of Baked Alaska as a quintessential 60's dessert, but it would be a bother to bring to/make at a dinner party. Cherry pie or banana pudding are timeless, but something about their simplicity smacks of the sixties. And, of course, anything with jello is pure sixties. Do let us know what you decide--sounds like a fun assignment.

    1. I'm wondering if American desserts were different than British ones back then. Jello molds were very popular then in the States... lime jello mixed with sour cream and sometimes canned fruit added in.. pineapple etc. Lordy, that sounds so horrible now in the land of molten chocolate puds. Layer cakes were always a big item, too - coconut, chocolate... peach cobbler etc.

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        Jelly (or jello as you'd say) has never really featured as an adult Brit dessert. At least not the type using shop-bought jelly. At least not since the 1920s or so. That said, I do make a mean one using gelatine and sparkling wine.

        I assume that jogas is not looking for a hot pudding to take to a party. In which case, I've had a look at one of my mother's old cookbooks. Originally printed in 1952, she was almost certainly using it during my 1960s teen years. I would offer from it lemon meringue pie or a classic English sherry trifle. The trifle recipe remains the one we use today - a proper sherry trifle is a thing of joy. And great for a party.

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          American 'jello' is much more interesting because of the various flavors - recent years have seen watermelon and a lot of other choices. I had a feeling it was never a popular party dessert here in the UK. Lemon meringue pie is a good idea. That was my mother's favorite and we had it frequently while I was growing up. My brother loved the lemon, me the meringue. We did a good swap. Last week's BBC 2 cooking program (Great chefs, French Embassy etc.) included a very good trifle by someone. It could have been the week before.. time flies. I'll have to try that one day.

      2. Try to find a copy of The Prawn Cocktail Years cookbook by Hopkinson and Bareham - you'll be spoilt for choice. The recipes are (nearly) all wonderful... I refuse to believe that Brown Windsor soup could ever be anything but vile.

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        1. Tapioca Pudding without a doubt. I still have vivid memories of it.

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            I decided on a sherry trifle with jelly and tinned peaches for extra effect!! Beautifully layered in a glass cube vase to show off the vile layers. I must admit I do think it will be rather delicious though. Can't wait to see what the other guests are offering up for starter and main!
            Thanks for all suggestions...this is the first time I have used this site and it is fab. I'll be back!!

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              Perfect. Tinned peaches remain a must in our household. And "hundreds & thousands" sprinkled on top of the top cream layer. Don't forget to use Bird's custard - none of this making your own custard nonsense. Enjoy.