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Apr 18, 2007 08:24 AM

Vegas - Best restaurant bars to eat at?

Last trip to Vegas - I happened upon Commanders Palace and sat/ate at the bar and had a fabulous meal, great drinks and excellent service. I recently heard that CP is closed and relocating. I'll be in Vegas next week Thurs-Sun and I'm looking for a similar type of experience elsewhere in town.

Chowhounds, what are the best bars to have a good meal and a great drink at?

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  1. I travel to Vegas every month for business....
    I have dined at many hotel restaurant bars solo...and have had a great experience.
    One of my all time favorites is the Bar @ DB Brasseries @ the Wynn....a beautiful setting and the menu is terrific...try the short rib or Duck Confit.
    I have also dined at the Bar at Olives (Bellagio) Fix (Bellagio) The Palm (Caesar's Forum Shops) Craft Steak (MGM) Fiamma(MGM) Caneletto (Venetian) Red 8 ( Communal Table at the Wynn)
    You can't go wrong.....don't deny yourself a great meal....
    I have found the Bar Tenders in Vegas to be helpful when it comes to half orders or accomodating the single diner....just ask!

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      I was there 2 weeks ago for 2 nights. One night, I got a bite to eat at the bar at Bouchon in The Venitian. I just had a salad, but it hit the spot perfectly (friese with lardons and a poached egg on top). The lady next to me had what looked to be a very nice chicken entree - she said it was fantastic. The bar service was very good.
      I also had a bite in the lounge at Fleur de Lys. It was totally dead, probably because I was there at 7:30pm. The bar menu was very small and very pricey.
      I went into rumjungle at Mandalay Bay just as the kitchen closed. The bartender was able to have them cook up some appetizers for me and for the people next to me. I enjoyed my blue corn fried calamari - the sauce that came with them was nice and spicy. There was more than enough calamari for me - it was more entree size than appetizer size. If you are into good rum, it's an excellent place to sit and drink.

    2. Try Bradley Ogden at Caesar's Palace - lovely but understated decor, great food, reasonable "bar menu" and you can hear the people you're with.

      1. This one's easy, but it does present a transportation hurdle for wheels, no deal.

        Rosemary's...waaaaay out west on Sahara. Best overall fine dining value in town, and the bar is a great hang. The drinks are well-crafted (Jaime is the Manhattan master) and there's a new small plates menu that most dining room patrons don't even know about. Dine late at night at the bar and you'll make the acquaintance of a food industry pro or two...they know where the goods are.