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Apr 18, 2007 08:24 AM

Grace's Fortune New (Second?) location?

Has anyone tried the new or second location for Grace's Fortune in the New Carrollton area? My coworker heard about this from a friend but I cannot find any reference to this on the web?

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  1. I haven't but I use to go to the original Grace's all the time and really liked it but eventually moved so its not close to me anymore. Grace was always fun to talk to and seeing her drive around in her hummer was a riot.

    1. It's in the Vista Gardens Marketplace at the intersections of Annapolis Road (Rt. 450), Martin Luther King Blvd. and Lottsford Vista Road in Lanham/Bowie.

      Review in the Gazette papers:

      1. I love the Bowie location (Grace's Fortune) but have been disappointed every time we've gone to the Lanham location (Grace's). I want to like it, but it just seems like the menu is all over the place - and none of the "thoughts" are completely developed. The bar isn't as good either (maybe the lack of Gary's presence??) No one can match Grace's decorating skills - the space is beautiful! I hope she sees (and fixes) these things - the new space has a lot of potential.

        1. The old place is suffering from fatigue, new untrained staff and Grace's absence. Have been eating at Grace's for the last eight years and now I find that it is not worth the buck- specially with food standards down.

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            Its sad to hear that. I moved from MD to VA a couple years ago and have only been back once or twice since then and not in a while now. I really use to like that place.