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Apr 18, 2007 08:05 AM

La Estrella (Orange Grove & Marengo) was awful

That's all, really. I had heard it was serviceable and wanted to prevent anyone else from encountering the very ordinary and not-delicious tacos, tortas, and ceviche which we had.

The ceviche was worse than Tonny's, which is not very good (but which is just 4 blocks away).

The torta was something I would not serve in a prison. No avocado (no option to get any either), dry yet greasy meat, limp lettuce, hamburger bun, Tapatio sauce in little plastic packets.

The tacos my wife had were carnitas and chicken. The chicken tasted like it had just come out of a can. The carnitas were the only item we ordered that tasted like food, and Tonny's carnitas or chili verde knocks the crap out of them by a long shot.

In a town with King Taco and Tonny's only minutes away (walkable if you please), I don't see the point of eating at La Estrella. It's not that much cheaper (in fact I think it may have been more expensive than King Taco) and is not in the same league for quality as either of the above.

We were quite disappointed and "ate there twice" last night (the first and the last time)!

Hope this saves someone else the trouble. Go to Tonny's or King Taco if you want Mexican in Pasadena. (Or if you want ceviche or fish tacos, Senor Fish in South Pas is as good as it gets.)

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  1. You should have driven the extra 2 minutes to my favorite Taqueria on Summit/Hammond. They do not have ceviche (the fish tacos at La Estrella are the best thing to get there but we also like the ceviche and have never had a problem with it) but they serve the best Al Pastor as well as Carnitas, Carne Asada, Tripe, Chicken (he uses thigh meat since he says it stays more moist), Buche. Tacos $1, Burritos $4. Open til 8 M-Sat, 2 on Sundays. In the back of a little neighborhood market.

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    1. re: WildSwede

      Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out sometime. Al Pastor is my wife's favorite, as it happens.

    2. Try the taco truck on Fair Oaks ... El Gallito.

      See my prior post here:

      1. agree...but remember, not all LA ESTRELLAs are created equal. much has been written about why (a divorce, really). we're addicted to the one on altadena and foothill, but will never return to OG and marengo.

        read these:

        1. Having been to al of the La Estrella places in Pasadena, I will only go to the one at Foothill/Altadena. We have all been told numerous times to do this on this board, but sometimes we forget.I have yet to try Wildswede's favorite stall but will get to it soon.