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Apr 18, 2007 07:39 AM

Ruths Chris in Boston...worth it?


I have reservations for Friday and have never been to a Ruths Chris before. It would appear that this will be an expensive night, which is fine if it is worth the price. Opinions about this place are all over the map, from great to not so great, that the restaurant is loud, service is spotty etc

Can anyone give me some insight?


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  1. Worth it is in the eye of the beholder for this Ruth's. I enjoy their steaks and food and don't mind paying the premium to eat there once in awhile. However, many on this board would tell you that they would be inclined to stay home and make their own steak. If you are inclined to dine at steakhouses, Ruth's is one of the best around, and you can't beat a steak sizzling in butter.

    The one thing that is definitely not worth it are their wine prices.

    Service has always been adequate to excellent for me there.

    I absolutely disagree with it being loud. The space it divided into many smaller rooms. I find it to be the least loud steakhouse around. If this is a concern, ask to be sat downstairs, as there is one larger room upstairs which is more loud than the others.

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      everything i've heard from people that have been is very positive ...they say the food is fabulous, the experience is great, the service is very good but the wine prices are outrageous!

      My husband is a big steak lover but in the past year we've had to cut back on our spending and have found other ways to enjoy great steaks. We've become pros at finding filet mignon on sale and cooking ourselves up a fabulous dinner at home....the downside to that is now that we have the extra money to spend on fancy dinners...we still prefer to do it at home for less.

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        I tend to agree with Gabatta that "worth it" is really relative to the diner. Even though I cook marvelous steaks at home I LOVE going out for the steak house scene. I've been a couple times to Ruth's and really enjoyed it. I had the cowboy ribeye on both trips and it was heavenly and cooked perfectly (medium rare). The baby arugula salad is very similar to your standard spinach salad but less bitter and scrumptious with warm bacon dressing. The creamed spinach is the side that really stood out, not too cheesy, but fresh and moderately bitter and sweet. Neither visit was cheap and I can't recall being bothered noise. Service on both occasions was very good. The wine prices are marked up far beyond the standard 50% so I usually go with the least expensive zin. For me, both meals were worth the price and I look forward to returning every now and then.

      2. they did a beautiful renovation on a very pretty historic building. as far as steak-houses i don't know that's it's better or worse than any of the others. they're all expensive, the wine prices all are astronomical, service is spotty in most (one which cannot be named seems better than most others though...) and for most folks, steak is steak.

        enjoy your friends and the night!

        1. Their sides can be better than most chains. Don't put your face on your plate; it's very hot. The steak is fine and, as a chain, they have service standards to which they generally adhere.

          The building, btw, is old Boston City Hall. It's a remarkable building.

          1. Cheap, it ain't. However, the atmosphere is nice and the cowboy rib eye is an excellent steak. Restaurant is on a par with Abe & Louis and Oak Room as far as steaks go--intimate if you can get into one of the small dining rooms downstairs. Wine markup is in the stratosphere.

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              Hey, folks, thanks so much for your helpful comments. This has got to be the most civil, best informed food board out there and you guys all make it work. Thanks again.

            2. Timely thread! Coincidentally enough, I've never been to a Ruth's Chris and friends are taking us out for dinner on Friday too. I'm glad to see the positive responses.

              I have to say that, like Kittychow, I'm one who enjoys going out to steak houses (pretty often because E loves them). If I didn't eat at restaurants because I could cook a dish, I wouldn't be eating out much ; ). Hmmm. Probably why we tend to eat at inexpensive ethnic restaurants, or get dressed up and go high-end, not many mid-range spots.

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                Rubee, I made the reservation on and it was a really good experience. I would suggest visiting the site if you are contemplating going Friday as the restaurant appears to be pretty popular

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                  Thanks for the good advice ChefFrank - we're all set with our reservations!