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Apr 18, 2007 07:33 AM

clean your plate!

or else. a restaurant owner in hong kong wants to fine diners who don't finish their meals. imagine what would happen in the u.s.?

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  1. I am not for forcing people to eat what they do not wish to consume...but having worked at quite a few restaurants -the quanity of food dumped into the trash left and imprint and sometimes was pretty egregious.

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      I wish restaurants would make less and charge less. With salad and sometimes an appetizer, it's impossible to finish a whole meal. We ALWAYS take our leftovers home though.

      1. re: thatgirl153

        There is one national chain (whose name escapes me right now) that is offering smaller portions of many of its regular menu items at a lower cost. Hopefully this trend will catch on.

        1. re: LabRat

          TGI Friday's is the restaurant with it's right size, right price menu. I went there on Monday just to try it out. I had a salmon and pasta dish, protein was the right size but still way too much pasta.

    2. I have been to a couple places where the owner really showed their disapproval of leftovers.
      One was a family restaurant owned by a Greek family. When the wife waited tables she always made comments on leftover food. A friend of mine went there and her son did not eat his corn....the woman told him he should eat his vegetables. They were really turned off by someone telling them what to eat.
      The other place I went to was a small family run Mexican restaurant. We got an order that was either messed up or not what we thought it would be. They took it back and put it to the side....which made me wonder...did a worker eat this meal themselves or was it given to someone else. I was getting the impression the waitress was going to eat it herself.
      I have a hard time finishing my food so I really like these places that offer smaller portions.

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      1. re: LARaven

        Most likely eaten by the employees....and if no one touched it why not? I mean it seems pretty wasteful to toss out food that was a mistake.

      2. While I agree that we waste too much food in this country, I would hate to be charged for uneaten food when the portion size I was served was clearly more than a reasonable person can be expected to eat.

        I travel and don't always have the option of taking food home. This means that if I can't finish my entree then it will be thrown away. What are the alternatives?

        I do agree with the part in the article where people are taking more buffet food than they can eat and throwing it away that is waste.

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        1. re: bonmann

          I think Tapas and appetizers are the way to go if you are certain of excessive portion sizes.