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Apr 18, 2007 07:29 AM

Mexican in Chapel Hill/Durham

I'm looking for a summer job at an authentic mexican restaurant. Does anyone have any suggestions? My number one criteria is authenticity (and, of course yummy food), since my goal is to practice spanish as much as possible.

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  1. How about Fiesta Grill over in the Carrrboro outskirts?

    1. Toreros in Carrboro Plaza. They're expanding (or so it looked when I was that way last week) so they may be hiring too.

      From the outside, and by the name, I expected crappy Ameri-"Mexican" food but they have a great chile colorado and do menudo and carnitas on weekends.

      1. Los Comales (a taqueria) in Durham. The folks there can speak English, but I've never seen anyone who wasn't Hispanic in there (although considering how popular it is on this board, I'm sure that's not always the case). The cooking and atmosphere is as authentic as you can get, and it'll be their pleasure to talk to you in Spanish the entire time.

        1. Most authentic in CH/Durham would be Tonali.

          3642 Shannon Rd (Cross Street: Old Chapel Hill Road)
          Durham, NC 27707

          The cuisine of tacquerias, while authentic, are rather limited in scope. The clientele will be English speaking but the chef and staff speak Spanish.
          (919) 489-8000

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            Gotta respectfully disagree there, bro. Tonali, while very tasty, would get my prize for "dressed up" authentic, if you get my drift... I agree with the Fiesta Grill rec. Truthfully, though, Fiesta specializes a little bit in Veracruz and Oaxaca.

          2. If your goal is to practice your Spanish, then you could get a job in just about any kitchen in the Triangle and chances are you'd get your wish.