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Apr 18, 2007 07:26 AM

Maximum Fancy Shmancy: delicious celebration

Hello Folks out there in foodyville,

Let's talk luxury: I am celebrating the end of law school (and the end of the being the oldest student I know) and am looking for a dinner for four to talk about for years. I have a list of current contenders, places I have been and enjoyed immensely:


others I hear or have heard rock the party that rock's the party:
rib room

please suggest your pick for the absolute best meal you can think of, price no object...

have a great day!

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  1. Commander's Palace, Antoine's, Arnaud's, Brennan's, Delmonico

    1. Galatoire's is always a fantastic party.

      Best food, I'd go K-Paul's (also a fun time), Stella, then Cuvee, then August.

      1. Bob, your impending celebration brings up good memories for me. When everyone else in NOLA was evac'ing for Hurricane Georges, we were celebrating my better half's passing the bar--first at the Palace Cafe, then at Brigtsen's. I fondly recall watching everyone scurrying around, boarding up windows on Canal St., worried tourists at the next table asking us why we weren't concerned, etc.

        Anyway, here's how I'd do it today: lunch one afternoon at Galatoire's, dinner the next day at August or Stella. And then get up the next day and have a big hunk of red meat at Crescent City Steakhouse, for pure nostalgia.

        1. The table d'Hote menu at August is exactly what you described.

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          1. re: bam bam

            do i need to notify august re: the table d'hote if we are intending to have it? also, does everyone in the foursome have to order it?

            thanks bam

            btw: where's pebbles?

            1. re: bobinnola


              If you call them and tell them the circumstances of your dinner, August will absolutely work with you on courses, wines, price, etc. But you can show up and order the table d'hote and do well.

          2. I had my grad dinner at Antoine's, and was sorely disapointed... It felt very staid and old-fashioned, in the smelly old great-aunt who pinches your cheeks too hard way, not the funky-hip grandma way....