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Apr 18, 2007 07:07 AM

Dinner in Blacksburg, Va.?

I'll be there Friday night. I have a $25 budget. I like almost everything, and I'm not afraid of spicy foods. Ideally, it would be a place with some local flavor, so I guess that would be soul food or BBQ. But all ideas are welcome.

Also, I'll likely be dining solo, so a place that has a bar, or at least good people watching, would be nice.

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  1. In you price range I think you will be eating bar food. Mike's Grill has a great burger or PK's . For a step up, There's Maxwells or you are eating at Texas Roadhouse or Outback. I'm guessing it's going to be pretty quiet this Friday night.

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      That's just what I was thinking....

    2. Sorry to break the news, but BBQ and Soul food are actually not native to Blacksburg or the surrounding area; this is Appalachia, not the deep South (this is coming from a Yankee transplant). The Cellar is in the heart of downtown, has a bar with a large selection, and is likely to have live music upstairs, which I think should reflect local flavor--there's sometimes old time music, sometimes something else. It's also a local, independent business, unlike Outback and the like. There's also Gillie's, which is vegetarian + fish, with a counter and beer and wine. Both of these are spotty for food quality, although people like pizza at the Cellar. More Than Coffee has decent food, but it's middle eastern. I think they have beer. These are all right downtown.

      1. We're a Hokie family and go to all the football games and our daughter is graduating from there next month. Blacksburg is a challenging place for foodies. As quilty said, it is not BBQ or soul food country. Poor Billy's on Main Street is good...lots of seafood (the sushi I had there was good also) and Gillie's just off Main is good and vegertarian (I highly recommend it for breakfast on Saturday morning if you will be there). I also like the Cellar for red Italian and pizza.

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          Hey Janet. Just wanted to say I hope all your friends are safe and sound. It's been a tough week for Hokies.

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            Thank you. We are blessed that our daughter is safe but sad for so many families and the community.