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Apr 18, 2007 07:06 AM

Sedona Restaurants Help

Need help on restuarants in Sedona. Will be there for a few days in May. Looking for something good in the mid range. (Going with a friend who is not into formal.) Guidebook suggested Javelina Cantina and Joey's Bistro and a few other places. Want something that is casual, but good. Any help appreciated.

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  1. We had a suprisingly good lunch at Oak Creek Brewery.It was very reasonable, service was good and they make some decent beers.We were there about a month ago


    1. Mid-range is tough in Sedona. Seems most places are spendy or fast food -- not much in between.

      Personally, I am not a fan of the Javelina. Their margaritas are very good, but the food is... how to describe it? Misdirected? I found most things either bland, or chocked full of cilantro (which I can't stand).

      I've been to Joey Bistro once, for the pasta dinner (Tuesdays, I think). Therefore, I am not sure that would be a good measure of their regular menu. Blah pastas, blah sauces.

      I agree with the suggestion for Oak Creek Brewery. I think I had a seared tuna salad there, and it wasn't bad. Their wings are rather tasty. As a sidenote, if you want a cool, relaxed local scene with good music, hit up the actual brewery location. But don't expect any food there, as the bavarian kitchen closed about a year ago.

      Red Planet is good for burgers and shakes. Sedona Memories makes great sandwiches, but I'm not sure they are open on the weekends. REDS is so-so.

      That's all I can think of at the moment. If any more occur to me, I'll post up again.

      1. Troias Italian is quite good and not too formal or pricey - I also like Bistro Bella Terra - great view, nice wines, very friendly bar

        amen on the Red Planet - that place is wacky, good & greasy

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          Great recommendations. Thank you thank you. We will hit the Oak Creek Brewery and Bistro Bella Terra. Being from Texas I can find a good margarita anytime, so will skip Javelina. Thank you thank you.