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Apr 18, 2007 06:46 AM

Need suggestions for group dinner in Tucson

I'm planning a group dinner for about 30 lawyers and their spouses in Tucson for the last night of a three night stay. We are already eating a Mexican buffet at our hotel, the Lodge at Ventana Canyon, one night and eating a very nice dinner at Janos the second night. I'm thinking of something fun and casual, maybe patio/outdoor dining for our last night in Tucson which will be a Saturday night.

I'm leaning towards Old Pueblo Grille or Lil' Abners. Given the type of people I'm planning for (we're not the stuffiest lawyers in the world since we're from a small town, but some of us can be a little high maintenance at times), would any of you recommend these places or recommend somewhere else for a fun and casual evening that isn't Mexican or high end cuisine but that also could accomodate a group of this size?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Primo might be too high end per your specs, but they have a lovely patio with a spectacular view at sunset. The food is terrific (wood oven), and the StarrPass Marriott Resort is lovely, but be aware of the parking (expensive valet, or catch a free shuttle from the StarrPass golf shop) unless the new parking garage is open.

    1. A few suggestions:

      Cuvee should be able to accomodate 30 folks ( ) and is a nice mid-end restaurant, with a fun wine bar.

      KingFisher ( ) has a nice private room that will (I think) seat 30 comfortably, they have really good seafood, and an outstanding bar.

      Pastiche ( ) has lots of dining space, and both a good bar and wine bar, as well as a menu which may help manage the high maintenance among you, with many dishes available in "bistro sized" smaller portions, and an excellent selection.

      You might also contact Jonathon's Cork ( ) and see if they can seat your group. If you're looking for a grill, they're possibly the best in town.

      Hope you have a good visit, and some outstanding meals!

      1. Old Pueblo Grille is OK, but not fun. Li'l Abners is fun, but it's a long drive from the Lodge at Ventana--45 minutes each way--and the menu is limited. Non-beef eaters will really not do well. Also, I don't know how well suited it is for 60 people.

        You might try Terra Cotta, which has a lovely patio and, I think, weekend music. Another option is Hacienda del Sol. The Grill is high end, excellent and really not casual; however, they have some beautiful gardens and two nice banquet rooms. They are terrific people to work with and can surely set up a nice evening for you. I'm thinking some sort of pre-planned menu. And the wine choices are phenomenal.

        BTW, what are 30 lawyers doing in Tucson? And who forgot to invite me?

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          Thanks to all for the suggestions. I'm leaning towards Terra Cotta since it has a patio and is near our hotel. We had originally wanted to do Hacienda del Sol but they were booked with weddings when we called a couple months ago. Now I'm scrambling to put something together for our last night.

          We're in town for our annual firm shareholder's retreat for a little business and mostly fun. Staying and golfing at the Lodge at Ventana Canyon. We eat there one night and at Janos another night. Sorry we didn't invite you, rmaztuc. ;)