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Apr 18, 2007 06:26 AM

9 yr old son wants to try african food

"I want to go to an African restaurant where you use bread for silverware" is a direct quote.
I'm happy to accommodate his request but also know that he's not ready for spicy food. Can anyone help me out with restaurants or dishes to avoid/must try? TIA.

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  1. Probably Addis Red Sea in the south end would be the best place for the first time. They have combo veggie and meat/veggiei plates that make it easy.

    1. gotta love the little hound!

      for ethiopian, there's addis red sea on the south end ( and supposedly a new outlet in porter sq, though i don't know if it's open yet and fasika in somerville. ( though there are a couple of recent reports on the latter that make it sound like they don't totally have their act together.

      further afield, the african restaurant in hyde park has supposedly good nigerian food (1248 hyde park ave) and there's also a place in waltham called karibu that is apparently ugandan. haven't heard much on the latter spot, though.

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        "Karibu" means "welcome" in ki-Swahili, so Karibu could serve foods from eastern Uganda, much of Kenya and Tanzania. The staple in these areas is ugali, a fluffy white maize preparation that doesn't hold together like injira, the Ethiopian bread made from teff flour.

      2. Asmara Restaurant on Mass Ave in Central Sq might be a good choice too. They can definitely address the "bread as silverware" requirement, the food's not too expensive, and the one time I ate there I remember it being very mild.

        1. I have to add my recommendation for Addis -- just a fun, easygoing scene. See if you can get seated downstairs, it feels kind of 'loungey' which adds to the ambience, IMO. I find the food good, although not spicy enough for my tastes (which for your purpose works well).

          Not a fan of Asmara - less than not spicy. Downright bland, with no separation of tastes at all!