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Apr 18, 2007 05:48 AM

Crab + Laughing Cow "muffins"?

I saw a post about making crab "muffins" that seemed like quiche-like crab dip, but there was not much guidance besides a vague recollection of the ingredients.

Does anyone have more precise advice for this dish? It was crab, laughing cow cheese, scallions, etc - mixed together and put into muffin tins.

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  1. i don't have the recipe but I would like to...sounds good to me!

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      Well, let's hope someone in the know reads this and fills us in!!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I don't think this is quite what you're looking for, but you might like crab meltaways, which are made with crab, spreadable cheese and English muffins:

        It's a pretty decent way to stretch crabmeat, and it's OK to use claw meat and not backfin.

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        1. re: pomme de terre

          back in our student days, we made meltaways with the kitchen sink (veggies, any kind of meat or seafood, cheese) and bound it with mayo. Spread on English muffins and broiled. Cut into quarters and serve hot for bite-sized decadence.

        2. I think you could bind these ingredients with a bit of flour, pinch of leavener, seasoning, and a bit of egg. Exact proportions not necessary, but say for two cups of ingredients (meat, cheese, veggies) add 1/4 to 1/3 c flour and a small beaten egg. Because of the flour, butter the muffin tins well.

          1. I like making individual crab dip "muffins." Randomly threw this together one time and have been making it for people ever since.

            a few wedges of light laughing cow cheese
            mayo (i use the low fat kind)
            lemon juice
            garlic, pepper, salt
            diced up onion
            parmasan cheese

            mix all together, scoop mixture into muffin tins, and sprinkle parmasan cheese on top, pop into 350 oven until tops are browned.

            Delicious, low fat but tastes sinful!

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            lacey Mar 21, 2006 09:47PM

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              Right, I had seen that post and that was the impetus for trying to make them. However, with such vague directions as "mix all together" I was hoping for some more specifics!

              I ended up mixing crab, laughing cow, lemon, garlic, s&p, parmesan cheese, scallions together without the mayo. I think an added egg white would have bound it more and made it puff up a bit, but it was fine.
              All but a couple were eaten, so it clearly went over well! (versus the cheese and crackers of which only half the chunk of cheese was eaten)