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Apr 18, 2007 05:34 AM

Rice made w coconut water?

Anyone tried it? I love making rice with coconut milk, but it's heavy and clumps. I'm looking for something lighter and wondering if the coconut water will add a little coconut flavor while keeping it light.

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  1. i only thought restaurants can do that,
    wow sounds so yummy, how do u do it with the milk ?
    Good luck with the coconut water !

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    1. re: m_poochie

      I just sautee a lot of minced ginger and garlic, add the rice and sub coconut milk for the half the liquid. I then add some nuts (ie cashews) or black sesame seeds and scallions and serve under grilled fish and a fruit salsa.

    2. My local Asian market sells coconut juice in a can to be used as a beverage. It's pretty watery and has little bits of coconut meat floating in it. I have used these in rice but it doesn't give much coconut flavor. They also sell a frozen pack of shredded coconut meat packed in coconut water. The coconut meat is long thick strands not the fine shred that is common in the dry packaged coconut. I've added this to the rice as well and then you get some good texture to the rice. Still the flavors are very subtle. If you want to keep it light you might try the light coconut milk. Not nearly the fat of the regular but more coconut flavor than the water. You could also try the coconut powder packs that you reconstitute to make coconut milk. There is a recent thread about this here.

      1. skim the cream off the top of the coconut milk and use the thinner liquid below, the creamy part will curdle when boiled

        1. When we travel to the south we always harvest coconuts and use the water to cook rice with. It has the taste of coconut.

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            ibew292, thank you, never knew this and will give it a try!

          2. The original comment has been removed