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Apr 18, 2007 04:31 AM

Jacques in Maui?

Is this place any good? Any recommendations. I was also curious about the Greek restaurant in Kihei as well?

All your comments are sincerely appreciated!

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  1. I'm a regular at Jacques (atleast 2x a week) - at their sushi bar (closed on Mondays). If you do go for the sushi, try the Hawaiian roll (tuna, avo roll with mac nuts), brazilian roll (hamachi with mango & shiso leaf) and the Paia roll (hamachi, papaya). Jacques has the most creative, non-mayo'd out rolls - i love the above 3 so much i haven't had the desire to move on to the "lollipop" (tuna, salmon rolled up in cucumber and sliced into pinwheels) yet.

    Now, things i love on the regular menu:

    1. Pumpkin-coconut-seafood soup
    2. Fresh catch of the day with brown rice and veggies - usually prepared with different some butter and herb sauce, the veggies are usually sauteed to perfection.
    3. Fish curry (bananas, oranges, vegetables & spices in a coconut flavoured sauce) - ask for extra spice, trust me.
    4. The North shore salad with tuna sashimi, avocado and greens - just plain yummy.
    5. Tiramisu.

    Food is fresh, entrees are between $10 - $18, good service - these are the consistent things about Jacques and what makes this a "regular" joint for much of the North Shore crowd, windsurfers and surfers and locals alike. Very casual, beach-bar type setting. Friday nights there is a DJ after 10pm (when kitchen closes). The owner, Jacques, is always present and overseeing the restaurant, nightly. Unless you have a large party, you don't need reservations.

    Hope you enjoy.

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    1. re: TanQ10 mouth is watering!! Thanks for your post..I will definately try!

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        I second the opinion on the fish curry (sigh, I can taste it now). I'd give anything for the recipe. Anybody know where it might be?

        1. re: TanQ10

          Wow... that sounds really good. Where is jacques located?