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Apr 18, 2007 01:19 AM

What Happened to the Food Network All-Star Winners?

Remember those 2 guys that won the Food Network competition to have their own show... I think it was like 2 years ago. Did they ever get their own show? It seems like FN just dropped like a bag of cow manuer after the show was over.

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  1. According to the Food Network television guide online, their show airs on Sunday mornings at 8. It's called "Party Line with the Hearty Boys."

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    1. re: Furgs

      Someone gave them the worst possible spot ever. What a shame, because their stuff is millions of times better than some of the shows that are on mid-day.

      1. re: QueenB

        you have to work your to the good time slots.... you have to be rreally good, enjoyable and popular.

        1. re: missmojito

          And yet somehow Guy Fieri managed to get a time slot that airs when people are awake and among the living.

          1. re: QueenB

            AND a SECOND show, if you can believe it! Something to do with diners and dives, IIRC. I can't believe it...but I guess this is their pattern at the FN - find a "star," give them a cooking show and then add in some sort of travel-related show (RR's Tasty Travels, Giada's Weekend Getaways, Road Tasted, $40/day...and more I'm probably forgetting). I don't think I'll be tuning in since I can't bear to watch his current show....

            I do love the Hearty Boys' show and really wish it was on later in the day.

    2. I agree! I LOVED their appetizer and party ideas. They are truly, working caterers here in Chicago who are alos "normal" people. Really lovely presentation ideas for parties and such.

      The time slot was BAD. I probably never would have seen it if I didn't have DVR.


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      1. re: stellamystar

        Their website indicates they are starting a TV cooking show themed private party venue this summer in the Chicago area called HBTV. Does anyone know if they are going to film another season, or has FTV blown all their money on "Guy"?

      2. The Hearty Boys are terrible, their show has me reaching for the remote faster than any other show on Food Network

        1. These guys must live in a different world. And their food comes from a different planet. They seem to have good intentions but the result is quite "interesting". They won't be missed.

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          1. re: ngardet

            I disagree, I'm sick of chefs on the food network teaching how "not" to cook. Personality is fine, but it won't make one of Sandra Lee's recipes taste good. At least with what I learned on Party Line, I can be proud to serve it to my family.