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Apr 17, 2007 11:40 PM

where can I get great Buffalo Wings?

I'm a big fan of Buffalo Wings and I make a great sauce at home. But sometimes I just love going out and ordering a plate piled high to share with some friends. Where's the best place and why? Do you like the sauce, spicy, unique? Great chicken? Atmosphere?

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  1. My favorite buffalo wings around here are at Kezar Pub in the Haight (at Stanyan and Beulah). The sauce tastes perfect to me (serious tang cut just a little by just enough butter/butter substitute), they aren't breaded (a strong personal preference), and the large order makes an inpressive pile at the table.

    1. Little Star Pizza has some great wings. Great atmosphere, and high quality wings. If you want an avant garde wing Brick has some fabulous high-end wings. For delivery, Extreme Pizza has the best we've found.

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          They debone the chicken and reform drumsticks and instead of a blue cheese dressing they top it with gorganzola foam. It's pretty yummy.

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            Those do sound delicious. It's great to hear some new suggestions and fresh takes for this perpetual quest.

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          I had the worst wings of my life from the Extreme Pizza on College. Slimy, rubbery and simply gross. One bite and I tossed them in the trash.

        3. The other night, I found myself in a very off-the-CH-beaten-track pizza place on West Juana Street in San Leandro: Sergios Pizzeria, for a meeting in their back room. What to order? Their pizza is quite mediocre (and I am not a pizza fan even when it isn't mediocre)...although they do have a few good beers on tap, and I wanted more than just a, when I saw they had wings on the menu, I knew that was what I wanted!

          Well, what I got were not what I would call buffalo wings (can't remember exactly how it was described on the menu), but I have to say, call me sick or crazy, but I loved them! The wings were battered and fried, then served covered with a very spicy and surprisingly complex bbq type sauce with lots of kick, and a bowl of blue cheese sauce on the side.

          These were truly heart attack on a plate, but very very satisfying. Fortunately for my health, I don't find myself in that neighborhood often, but if you ever are, it might be worth stopping in to Sergios just for some fried wings and a beer..

          1. I would also love to find some good wings in SF. I don't crave them often, but when I do, nothing else will satisfy. For me, sauce should be the classic (Frank's? or whatever it's called + butter), large meaty wings, and they must be crispy. Definitely no batter or breading (don't think you can call them Buffalo wings if you do this), just fried crisp, and tossed in the hot sauce.

            1. If you ever make it up to South Lake Tahoe, you gotta try the hot wings at Steamers Bar. They're not breaded, the skin is left on, and they are coated with this thick and delicious bbq/habanero sauce. FYI, I can handle heat but the "hot" is more than I can handle and I definitely haven't touched the "atomic."