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Apr 17, 2007 10:22 PM

Tacos w/burgers: Howard's, Ketchy's ll. Bill's #3 & Original Bills

Well, I been obsessed with this whole taco with a burger patty thing, so i did me a little taste test, since I am the BURGER BOY!

1st place was Howard's Famous Avocado Bacon Burgers on Venice.
Got me 2 tacos with chili/gravy, they put oil on the grill then the tortilla and a slice of cheese, in the mean time the patty is cooking. The patty is then cut in half and half the patty is placed on each tortilla, they give it a smear of chili, no beans, some lettuce and sliced tomato. This was good, real good, ate one right away, ate the other 10 minutes later driving.

2nd place was Ketchy's ll, same tecnique as above but something was missing it was good but not what I was expecting, especially comming ftom the famous Ketchy's. Wait stop the presses, this place is not owned by the same people, it is someone who knew the owners and grew up eating the food. That's okay, hence the different spelling, original was Ketchies. Still liked it, but Howard's has my vote.

3rd place was Bill's Taco House #3, this is said to be related to the Original Bill's on MLK & San Pedro. NOT, but more about that later. Ordered 2 tacos and a Burrito with taco meat and chili on top. Tortilla with meat patty deep fried together, not sure if cheese was inside or added later, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and here they offer onions and hot sauce along with the chili sauce in the taco. The chili sauce here is like a chili with no meat or beans, interesting. The hot suace is very strange, it is like a watery, vinegary, tapatio with ketchupy sauce. So far this was my favorite except for the hot sauce. The burrito had 2 hamburger patties and cheese with cheese on top and the chili sauce, it was ok, I think it would have been better with the patties, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and chili sauce all inside and the more chili sauce on top.

Original Bill's Taco House, the cook the tortillas and meat seperate, combine the two, splash of chili sauce, this sauce was good, like a cross between chili and enchilada sauce, add the lettuce and chopped tomatoes and you got a really, really good burger taco. The hot sauce was also very good, like a sambal, but milder and something added. This thing was good, I ate 2 and ordered 3 more. Does anyone know where to get grey market lipitor, I am still thinking about my return visit. The lady who runs the place is Bill's wife, Bill is in his 90's, a very friendly nice lady that everyone who came into the place knew. This is a LA institution, I liked it, I will be back and bring others. This place really felt like it was a neighborhood place, everyone new everyones first name, there was a young man who was getting food and I asked how long he had been comming in, and the owner answered she has know him since before he was born. Not sure what the deal with Bill's #3 is, sounded like a franchise type thing that went bad, they have some of the same pictures and sayings on the wall but this place is the real deal.

At the end of the greasy, cheesey, hamburgery day, you gots to go with the OG!
Original Bills Taco House, everything came together, the flavors, quality and the balance of ingredients. Since I am Burger Boy, I do not feel I have trampled on Bandini's territory, since these tacos are made with hamburger patties. If he has issues, I will be glad to take him to Original Bills and buy him half a dozen Burger Tacos!

I hope it is okay to attach this article from the LA Times about Original Bills

Original Bill's Taco House
219 E Mrtn Lthr Kng Jr
Los Angeles, CA, 90011
(323) 233-1587

Howard's Famous Bacon & Avocado Burgers
11127 Venice Blvd Ste 7
Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 838-9111

Ketchy's II
La Grange (at Sawtelle, behind Mizu 212
)Los Angeles, CA 90025

Bill's Taco House 3
3292 W Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90043
(323) 295-4500

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  1. Hope you didn't do all that in one day! Amazing.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      3 days

      Howards & Ketchy's ll on Saturday
      Bill's #3 on Sunday
      Original Bills yesterday

    2. Very cool write-up. Just a point of clarification regarding the Original Bill's Taco House -- my grandfather owned it for 25 years.

      The lady who runs the place is not Bill's wife. The original "Bill" owned the Taco House from 1949 to 1960. He passed away quite a few years ago. My grandfather, Hank Silva, owned the Taco House for 25 years after that and is in his late eighties (many in the community knew him as "Bill"). He sold the Taco House in 1985 and the current owner is Eva Chan who is not related to us.

      I ate three of those tacos last week, and I think my arteries are still clogged. But right now, at 4.30 in the morning, I could really have another.

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      1. re: Fig Newton

        Wow! I have been in the kitchen for two days trying to duplicate that chili gravy. Is the recipe available? Well it can't hurrt to ask! :-)

        1. re: lifeasisrael

          Please post any recipes in reply to this on the Home Cooking board.

          Thank you!

          1. re: The Chowhound Team

            Did anyone post a Bill's Taco's Chili Gravy recipe? I can't find it on the Home Cooking Board.

        2. re: Fig Newton

          My husband and I used to go to the original (it was Santa Barbara Ave. at the time) in the 50's. My late brother-in-law nickanmed it "Lardy Bill's Tacos" for obvious reasons. It was a favorite after partying place. After moving from the neighborhood, and many years later, I found out it was still at the same location. My B/H and I went a couple of years ago and had the tacos. They were so reminiscent of the glorious days of the 50's. We met Eva Chan and she said she had kept all the recipes the same. God Bless her!!!