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Apr 17, 2007 10:12 PM

My bday bash

Hi everyone :)

Wishing you could help with my dilemma, my birthday is couple of weeks away and I would like to have some friends and family to a restaurant. Since, hopefully, it will be sunny that day, I want to do something outdoors. Any recommendations in the brooklyn area.


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  1. Brooklyn area is huge, what neighborhoods do you have in mind?

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    1. re: bklyngrl

      there is a great view in the roof area at alma in carroll gardens which has delicious mexican food as well.

      1. re: vatl619

        I live close to park slope, caroll gardens, smith street ;) so that area would be perfect. I am looking for a restaurant that has entrees under $40 ( approximately). New american cuisine, french or mediterranean would be my top choices. I am open to any suggestions that you guys would give.
        I recently went to check out applewood in park slope. The place is fantastic, entrees are delicious. I took 2 of my friends so I could pick on their dishes :) as an excuse for my birthday, the problem is that Applewood takes maximum party of 7 or 8 ( and I am expecting at least 12 people, give or take.) So that was disappointing but otherwise fantastic dinner expedition.