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Apr 17, 2007 08:28 PM

King Fung Garden-good duck!

A big group of us went to KFG tonight especially for the peking duck. We ended up with a group of twelve of us, God love the other few people in the restaurant tonight! We ordered three ducks in advance which turned out to be just about the perfect amount for this crowd. First course was my favorite, the pancakes with the really crispy yet not greasy duck skin with scallions and plum/hoisin sauce. Others exclaimed that the sauce may not be 100% authentic, and I may not know any better, but I really liked it. Next duck course was the stir fry. In my opinion, this was the only real disappointment of the evening. I've been to this place on a few occasions and this is usually my least favorite course (with one of my visits being the exception). The stir fry was really just lacking in flavor. Last duck course was the soup which even after ALL of the food we ate, I still managed to fit this in and the broth was really good and flavorful.

Amidst all the duck courses, we managed to eat even more food. We had the scallion pie which is really a great version here. Thick pancakes, not greasy, my only feedback, maybe could have used some more scallions. The pan fried peking ravioli were as you would expect, nicely crisp on the outside, skins not overly thick. We also had some steamed pork buns which I liked as well (beetlebug ordered all this so I'm sure she'll chime in). My faves other than the duck were the house made chow mein noodles which are thick, chewy and just plain yummy in my opinion and the very crisp and bright green Chinese broccoli (despite the chants from the table wondering who ordered something green and healthy!).

All in all, a really delicious meal, especially when it worked out to be $15 each which included a pretty generous tip for our server. Remember though, that didn't include any booze, we brought our own. I'm sure if booze was included, this group would have had doubled the bill at least! It was a great night out with an amazing crowd and lots of reasons to celebrate....two marathons completed yesterday for gini and beetlebug and a birthday (29th I believe ;) for rubee.

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  1. Nice rundown, lissy! All of your assessments are right on. That duck skin/scallion/Peking sauce combination is deadly. I think I ate most of one of the platters by myself. The consensus at the table seems to be that the stirfry course was missing a secret ingredient and that's why it just wasn't that flavorful. The soup was much, much better than the last time I was here, and those greens were wonderfully crunchy, and well, not covered in any sort of meat (hey, some of us like a reprieve!).

    Can't get over how cheap this meal was. It was a really fun time - thanks for organizing!

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      That's interesting about the stirfry. I finally went to King Fung a few months ago. I love duck more than just about anything, so I was really excited for it after reading all the posts on here. I think we hit them on an off night, though. The first course was greasy and fatty and only occasionally crispy. The second course had almost no flavor (not sure I would ever be that into it, though, since I don't think I love bean sprouts enough). The soup was good, but overall I was pretty disappointed. I'm sure I'll give it another try sometime when I can find people to get duck with me again, but for now I'll just keep going back for the noodle dishes (which have all been unbelievably good).

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        I didn't love it either the first time I tried this place, but now, after having been back a few times, I really appreciate the food. The first course IS fatty, though not too greasy, and usually quite crispy. It's the reason why I go. Like any restaurant, it has its off nights - the last time I was there the stirfry was great and the soup bland - this time it was reversed. Having some soup now - still so good!

    2. Great write up. I always want greens with my meal and if I could have gotten away with it, I would have ordered a second one. Unfortunately, KFG was out of peapod stems so we were left with the chinese broccoli. These were quickly blanched and then stir fried with garlic.

      I also meant to order a plate of rice cakes with preserved pickled cabbage. But I spaced when all the food came out. The duck skin was fabulous. After a while, I started to make skin sandwiches with the scallions and and sauce. I was extremely disappointed in the stir fry. Not only was it bland, the duck was overcooked and slightly tough. But, the soup more than made up the deficient stire fry.

      I love those fried noodles, just slightly greasy but a wonderful flavor.

      All in all, a fun evening with plenty of chow and great company.

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      1. re: beetlebug

        This is one of the meals I miss most here in Athens; moving to Birmingham soon, so I doubt I'll find it there either.

      2. Great writeup, great dinner. I really liked the steamed pork dumplings - possibly not textbook xiao long bao but very tasty with a little vinegar on top. Duck skin, homemade pancakes (I think these really add something), shanghai noodles, pot-stickers, scallion pie, chinese broccoli, duck soup -- all GREAT. Totally agree that the 2nd course duck stir-fry, which I've enjoyed in the past, was just plain bad -- soggy and underseasoned. But that was the only miss among lots of hits. I'd also add that our server was very friendly and unfazed by our big group taking over the place.

        Thanks for a really fun evening with great food and excellent company.

        1. Nice write-up Lissy, and such a fun time! The sauce accompanying the first course was tian mian jiang, more traditional than the Hoisin sauce found at other places. Like BB, I always like to have a nice greens dish and the Chinese broccoli was crisp and fresh. The bland stir-fry course was the least favorite, but everything else was great - the Peking duck skin with pancakes, the soup, noodles, dumplings, and scallion pie. Not much to add, except to say again that King Fung Garden is one of my favorite restaurants - I love this place.

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          1. re: Rubee

            Special mention to the organizers and orderers..who did a great job..and the ducks who paid the ultimate price..:)

            Pics posted here:


            1. re: 9lives

              Those pictures are so great, I had to have lunch immediately. The duck skin looks decadent, and 2 platters of it!

              1. re: Niblet

                THREE platters actually! And not a scrap was left!

                1. re: Niblet

                  Loved the pictures. It was almost like being there.

                  But not quite. :-)

                  Note -- we had lucky 13 attendees at the big round table. That might have been pushing it capacity wise, but it was really cozy on a drizzly night.

                  Thanks to lissy for organizing and to beetlebug for helping to order. I didn't act fast enough to try the soup dumplings but somone said they are superior to Taiwan Cafe's. I'm looking forward to checking them out next time.