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Apr 17, 2007 07:13 PM

Frigidaire Appliances

We are looking at new appliances - love to cook/entertain and want good functional stuff, but not looking to run a catering business out of my kitchen. Does anyone have Frigidair Professional cooktop/double oven/m'wave/dishwasher? What about LG side-by-side fridge w bottom freezer?

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  1. Just ordered the top of the line 30" Frigidar double oven and their top of the line dishwasher for our new home. Went with the top of the line KitchenAid gas cooktop. No experience yet but the specs looked outstanding and I read lots of good reports on Frigidair.

    1. I bought a 40-inch stainless steel range with two ovens - it's a Kenmore brand but the unit is actually made by Frigidaire. I haven't had any problems with its operations... I read some reviews that the main oven temp wasn't functioning, but both my oven thermometers say mine is right on. It does measure off-temp when I turn it to the convection setting, but that may just be a function of how the convection actually works?

      My mom has a side-by-side LG fridge, which she loves and has been working well for the last 5 years. But it sounds like you're looking at the french door fridge with the bottom freezer? When I was looking at refrigerators a couple of years ago, I looked at that one (again, Kenmore brand, made by LG) and the salesguy said that they had gotten a few returned because the fridge seal leaked (I don't remember if it leaked cold air or condensation). But, it seems like french door fridges are more popular now, so maybe they've fixed that up. I'd go talk to some salespeople and ask if they've heard of any problems with it. They're usually pretty honest about that.

      1. I have the following Frigidaire Appliances

        Professional series slide-in range

        Professional speed clean dishwasher

        I've been extremely pleased with both of these products. My one and only complaint is that the dishwasher really is not that quiet. I do love my stove and oven though.

        Our refrigerator is Kenmore and we've also had great success with it.

        Best of luck. Getting new appliances is so fun!