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Apr 17, 2007 07:11 PM

Wisteria in Atlanta?

I'm traveling to Atlanta for Emory's graduation. Someone recommended Wisteria for dinner. Can anyone second that?

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  1. Excellent food and a cozy atmosphere. Can be noisy, but then so can all of Atlanta's restaurants. Enjoy!

    1. I've heard good things but haven't been myself.

      My recommendations: Horseradish Grill, Murphy's, Rathbun's, .... will think of more....

      1. I highly recommend Wisteria. It may even be my favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

        1. I just ate there two weeks ago for the first time, and while we enjoyed it, we weren't super super impressed with the food. We were expecting a spring menu, but the winter menu was still up, so that threw us at first. After quickly getting over that, we had an enjoyable evening. We loved the room and bar and will try again in the summer. If you have only one meal out, try down the road at Sotto Sotto.

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            Please know that Jason, the owner just had a baby not too long ago and they have another restaurant in Va Highlands. These events may be why the new spring menu is not up yet.

          2. Yes, Wisteria would be very nice, and it's close by so very convenient. Other restaurants in the area that would suit include Floataway Cafe, Babette's, Shaun's, Rathbun's, Sotto Sotto, Ecco, Repast, and Watershed. Lots of others, but don't delay pondering the question: make reservations and make reservations NOW, as restaurants will fill up for this weekend.