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Apr 17, 2007 06:56 PM

Best Frozen Cheese Ravioli?


Not parcooked (a very bad recent trend, horrible texture)
Not in sauce
Not big (too much filling is bad)
Not tiny (too little filling)
Not frozen in clumps (sheets you snap apart work best)
NO GARLIC (completely overpowers the cheese, ruins the ravioli for any kind of simple sauce)
NO CINNAMON (shockingly a popular brand has a powerful cinnamon taste)
LIMITED POWERFUL CHEESE - primary Cheese must be ricotta
FIRM FILLING - some have soft/runny fillings

My ideal are classic Silver Star Cheese Ravioli.
The simple grid of square ravioli.
Filled with whole milk ricotta.
Made from raw fresh paste sheets.
Seasoned with salt, pepper, and parsley.
Might have a small amount of Pecorino Romano for taste (I don't remember the label).

Problems with existing brands:

Mama Lina's Ravioli - powerful cinnamon taste, so much parsley it's almost like spinach & cheese ravioli

Rosetta - strong garlic taste, low quality filling.

Celentanos - Too large, filling is oddly soft and very bland. I believe they are now parcooked as well.

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  1. Have you tried Monterey brand? I believe we bought some at Costco before and liked them, (although I will say that we didn't parse them with quite as much attention to detail as your criteria above).

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I'm having trouble finding specifics on the web for any Monterey brand pasta.

      But if I remember correctly (tasting the store sample), problems were:

      Poor texture, like pasty leftovers (they are precooked).

      Strong garlic taste (makes them useless except when served in a strong garlic sauce).

      Soft oozy interior, not firm.

      1. re: peekpoke

        Surfas, as recommended below is an excellent local LA source for both frozen higher end hard to find items such as those you are looking for, (or even for those who decide to go in a "do it yourself" mode if finding the right pre-made ones proves to be impossible).

    2. That's a lot of requirements, but you might try out Surfa's for their frozen ravioli. I've liked them in the past and they might just meet your requirements.

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      1. re: glutton

        Divine pasta co. on La Brea (which has been incorporated into Cube restaurant). Nice raviolis - large variety of fillings, but they're not in large sheets and portions in bags are small. Not sure if they're pre-cooked - I don't think so. Check them out.

        1. re: mrpullings

          Surfas does have a nice frozen ravioli....

          1. re: mrpullings

            Looking at the Divine Pasta website... the closest I see is "Cheese Ravioli" which unfortunately lists "Low-fat ricotta, parmesan & basil. (No egg)".

          2. re: glutton

            I cannot find anything on Surfa's website about frozen pasta.

            It's pretty far (I'm down in Costa Mesa).

            Anything else you recommend purchasing from Surfa's? (that would be a further inducement to me driving up there)

            1. re: peekpoke

              I wouldn't know where to begin with recommendations -- it's a wonderful, wonderful store. If you search "surfas" on this board, you'll see an incredibly wide variety of cooking-related things that they carry. Truffles, frozen ravioli, bulk pasta, knives, silverware, plates, toques, jams -- I could go on forever.

              1. re: peekpoke

                Surfas will ship anything they have in stock to you for a price. Thier website does not offer many of the hard to ship items

            2. Does anyone know of places that stock Genova brand raviolis?

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              1. re: a_and_w

                I'm gonna 3rd or 4th surfas -- it taste like you're eating in a restaurant. They have a huge variety but maybe call first as they sometimes run out of a particular type. We went a few months ago and bough about a half-dozen types and still haver a few in our freezer -- I think it's worth the trip.