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costa mesa

staying in costa mesa this weekend and looking for interesting breakfast/lunch places.Like NY deli type places,nothing fancy.Are there any places that have boiled crab that we could pick at over a cold beer.Also, a place to eat on the beach front would be nice--never stayed in Costa Mesa, so dont know nearest beaches--been to Malibu.thanks

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  1. Crab Cooker in Newport Beach, next to CM. They also have a branch in Tustin (easier parking).

    1. For breakfast you want to head to Pasta Connection on Newport Blvd, not far from CM. THE KILLER breakfast potatoes. Good Italian sausage with marinara in an omelette usually hits the spot, as do their empanadas (It's an Argentine/Italian place). Great place for a bargain Italian dinner as well.

      1. i love costa mesa for breakfast.....how about Omelette Parlor off Newport/17th?

        if you do Crab Cooker, Tustin is too far inland (even though parking will be better)

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          thanks so much everyone--itll help me alot

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            Sorry... please dont go to the Omelette Parlour, its filthy, the food was not even edible, the waitress showed us pictures of herself in her underwear, then her biker boyfriend came in and she freaked out.... It was frightening. We almost didn't even want to pay the bill. 2 of the 4 of us would not touch our plates after the first bite... and that was before the photo episode.

            Mutt Lynch's is great for a beer and breakfast by the beach... bloodies are bland, stay away.

            Or, my personal fave, hidden in the harbor, is The Galley. Their Chili Cheese Omelet is legendary and their malts, shakes and real sodas are superb.

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              That's cause Mutt Lynch's doesn't have a liquor license, just a beer and wine license. So their bloody marys and all other "cocktails" are made with sake or soju. Definitely stick to ordering a schooner of your favorite beer and try to snag a seat facing out the window onto the boardwalk. I've spent many enjoyable sunday afternoons there.

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                I don't know what Mr.s S is talking about. I think The Omelette Parlor is great. I probably haven't been there for a few months, but every time I've gone over the last ten years I've really enjoyed it. I've never seen anything filthy. The servers are very nice. The food has always been very good, with large portions.

                Back to the OP's question about NY-style delis. The obvious is Jerry's, right by South Coast Plaza and the Performing Arts complex. Huge menu, great matzo ball soup. Most items are ok. Service can be glacial and parking is a joke. Unfortunately, the other local delis (Arnie's and Kaplan's) closed a while back. The only other one I know of, although I haven't been there in at least a couple of years, is P.J. Bernstein's, in Laguna Hills. In just off the 5 on Alicia. They used to be pretty good, although I remember very slow service there, too.

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                  Omelete Parlour is gross. Hands down. The meats smelled, the water smelled, tha table and floors were sticky and the food was bad. It was packed, on a Sunday morning, so maybe it was an off day. But it was so bad that I will never give a it a second chance.

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                    Ok, round three: I wanted to make sure the place hadn't gone bad since my last visit, so I went there this morning. I just got back a few minutes ago. I have no clue what Mr. S is talking about. the place was very clean (floor, tables, silverware, plates), the food was served pretty quickly (especially since it was a crowded Sunday morning), all the food was very good (scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, potatoes, toast), and the servers were quick and attentive. I did have to remind our waitress that I had asked for water, but that was it.

                    I'd be glad to meet anyone there so they can see for themselves that it's a great place for breakfast. It's on 17th street, right off Newport Blvd.

            2. Head over to Mutt Lynch's on the beachfront in the Newport pier area. Good sandwiches and cold beer; they also serve breakfast. Walking distance from there to the Crab Cooker.

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                Try Arnie's Manhattan Deli over by John Wayne Airport. It's on Dove St.

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                  Arnie's is long-since closed, unfortunately.

                  Mutt Lynch's on the boardwalk in Newport Beach is great for the people-watching alone. Have fun !

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                    The Arnies on Bristol ( it is now Ontorio ) closed years ago but i thought the Dove st one was still open.
                    Newport Beach has limited places with ocean views but most of the bars let you take in food and have menus on hand. Order food from the crab cooker and go sit in the Stag ( or District as it will soon be ) . Beach Ball also has an elevated view of the ocean. Even Sharkees may be a fun atmosphere. You could also go to the Harborside at the Pavilion down by Balboa pier or even Newport Landing in the Oyster bar upstairs. They have harbor views rather than ocean views.

                    How abput places on 19th st for mexican breakfasts. Taco Mesa, El Campeon, Cucina de Isabel, El Granjenal.

              2. I highly suggest Plum's for brunch on 17th street. You can pick up some great crab at Santa Monica Seafood Co. also on 17th street in Costa Mesa. There is also a little place called Haute Cakes on 17th near Irvine Avenue but call first for their hours on the weekend. Everything homemade and yummy.

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                  thanks again--im getting hungry already.were staying at the wyndham---hope we can walk to these spots rather than drive

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                    The Wyndham across from OCPAC on Ave of the Arts? I don't think you could walk to any of the above mentioned places, unless an hour or more each way is in your timeframe?

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                      thats the one--guess ill bring the old GPS with me and find them by car

                2. If you're game for Vietnamese owned, Lousiana style crab and crawfish (read: spicy), you oughta try Boiling Crab in Garden Grove. It's about 15 minutes by freeway (if not at rush hour), and might be a real treat.

                  Here's some pictures:

                  1. Tummy Stuffer is awesome. Very not fancy and not near the beach, but GREAT sandwiches, and they have over 100 types of sandwiches. It's very much a locals place. You can get one to go and take it to the beach.

                    369 E 17th St
                    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

                    1. Blue Water in Cannery Villiage has a great Oyster Bar and Fresh sea food. It's right on the harbor with views of all the big yahts (and the jelly fish are going crazy right now, it's fun to watch). A big yes on Pasta Connection also.

                      1. I live in costa mesa. these places mentioned are all over the board as to *types* of places. they are all pretty good spots, but vary a lot from a simple sandwich shops to local restaurants to local bars to slightly fancy places on the water. it's hard to tell what your priorities are, so hard to narrow down these many suggestions...

                        the pier area in newprt beach is only 10 mins from where you'll be staying. Many of the places mentioned here in repiies are in easy walking distance of each other, so maybe thats your best bet. Sharkies, Beach Ball, Crab Cooker, The Stag, Rockin Baja Lobster, and Mutt Lynches are all right there. Blue Water is kinda on the way, and next door to The Cannery as are some others mentioned.

                        Out of the places mentioned:
                        Slightly upscale: Blue Water, The Cannery.
                        Gourmet food but casual: Plums, Haute Cakes
                        Bars/casual: most everything else

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                          thanks so much--i think we'll do as you suggest,drive over there and park and just walk around--are any of these open for breakfast?thinking of getting going early

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                            Mutt Lynch's is open for breakfast.

                        2. Try Maestro in the food court at Misuwa Market. Fabulous seafood Au gratin.

                          1. For quick & tasty mex, go with Taco Mesa on 17th. Good choices are the white-board specials -- I like the roasted tomato soup, gorditas, or salmon tacos when they're on the menu. Other good choices are tacos a la carte and stuffed jalapenos. The blackened fish taco is good so sometimes for lunch I would grab one of those along with a carne asada. Their horchata is quite good too.

                            I would personally not order chile relleno (the massive coating not to my liking) or their tostadas unless you have a hankering for a ton of salad haphazardly thrown onto the base. Their tostadas are a great value in (qty/$$$ ratio) but awkward to eat with small plastic forks.


                            If you want a classic Costa Mesa experience, grab a beer at the "Goat Hill Tavern." Over 100 beers on tap and the polar opposite of the Yard House which is across the street, and you can find one of those elsewhere.


                            Further down (south or west?) Newport Blvd once you cross PCH you can have a beer and fair fare at Newport Beach Brewing company. Their brewer does a fine job.


                            None of these are beachside places, that's further down Newport Blvd, but you'll see quite a few selections as you near the pier(s).

                            1. from a recent post...

                              take the 405 and head down the 55 and you'll see the Sidestreet Cafe on the right...a bit further down on 17th is Plums....both excellent breakfast spots.....[stormin norman/david kahn]

                              Sidestreet Cafe
                              1799 Newport Blvd., Costa Mesa, (949) 650-1986)

                              1. Whoa I can't believe no one mentioned Jerry's Deli! They have an amazing 600+ menu.

                                They have great blintzes and traditional hamburgers and any dessert you can think of...it's across the street from South Coast Plaza off of Bristol. Right next to the Westin hotel.

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                                  well we went and are back home in atlanta.all the advice was very helpful.my report is

                                  wilmas patio in Balboa for breakfast--was excellent,especially the belgian waffles
                                  Plums was also excellent-- , and mimosas, with a Dutch baby--worth the wait
                                  Blue water grill was just OK,food was luke warm,and prices were not worth it
                                  21 restauarant in Newport Beach was very good
                                  Las Breeces (sp) in Laguna was out of control busy and we walked out.Free view next to it was great.
                                  Cottage cafe nearby on PCH was a very nice outdoor experience in Laguna
                                  had to have an In and Out Burger--really great,and nice t-shirts

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                                    I talked about Jerry's about a week ago - look near the top of the discussion.

                                  2. If you want crab, serious king crab legs that you will not soon forget you must go to Captian Jacks. I heard that they cruise through 11,000 lbs. a month.

                                    They know crab and you will not regret it at all.