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Apr 17, 2007 06:14 PM

Finally! Great soft tacos in South Bay

I've been living in San Pedro for a few years now and have been looking for great Mexican food without much luck -- growing up in the East LA area with great family cooks has spoiled me for good. However this past weekend I found a taco truck in Harbor City that was excellent.

Its called Tacos El Gallito and its on PCH just west of the 110 in Harbor City. Carne asada was good (not gristley with a good flavor) and I especially liked their al pastor -- very fresh tasting and not too greasy. They have a heavy hand with the onions and cilantro, so be sure to specify your liking when you place an order. Their salsa verde tasted fresh and flavorful, and even the horchata was pretty good. They also offer roasted jalapeños on request which is a big plus in my book.

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  1. Have not been there in a while but I thought you dressed the tacos yourself. They used to have big buckets of the onion, cilantro, tomato and salsas. If you ordered take away they just gave you a baggie with some of each. Has it changed?! Oh- and with a good size order they would sometimes throw in a whole or half grilled onion- nice treat.

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      It was my first time there and I ate my tacos right in the parking lot, so not sure how they do take-away. However, I did not see the buckets of onion and cilantro and the cashier asks what you want on your taco when placing an order

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        Oh man- probably an economy move. They used to hand you your order naked whether it was eat in lot or take away and you had free rein of the condiment buckets!

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        I have, it's a "Gut filler" when you're craving Taco truck Tacos. Unfortunately that's all there is in that area for tacos... Better places outside of the Harbor City area.

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          Since it is a free standing taco truck, they don't have their own address, but they are located in the parking lot next to Aaron's at 834 PCH in Harbor City, just east of Vermont Ave. I don't know what their phone number is

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            You know what their hours are? What time do they usually stick around until? Thanks in advance...!!!

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              Not sure how early but they are open in the late afternoon/evening. I think on the weekends until at least 2 am

        2. Where have you been that place is awesome! Bummer that they took the salsa and fixings away. I noticed they were getting really contaminated (onions entering into cilantro territory) so it's probably for the best.

          I use to steal a baggie full or their limes after each visit.

          1. I'm totally all over the taco truck. But if you live in Pedro, surely you've tried the fish taco place on Gaffey...last I went the tacos there were out of this world.

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              I am not Pedro so have not seen it- where are Gaffey? What is their style? Thanks.

            2. While you're there, check out the Taco shop inside the Valero gas station just a block south of El Gallito on the same side of PCH (next to the southbound offramp). They ran out of barbacoa de borrego before I got there today, but I'm going back to try it. The adobado soft tacos were pretty good, with two small flour tortillas. They advertise birria, menudo and tamales on weekends, and the inside menu showed huaraches, tortas, tacos, and burritos.